Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2342: What act was he pulling?

Yin Yuerong was startled.

Forget about Yin Yuerong, but Ye Wanwan herself was astonished. What act was Third Elder pulling?

"Tell me! What's your intention behind making this woman get plastic surgery and transform to look like our president... Do you want her to seduce your son, Si Yehan... or do you hold some ulterior motives toward the Fearless Alliance?!" Third Elder demanded fiercely.

Ye Wanwan: "..."

"I'm telling you”how you want to treat your son is unrelated to the Fearless Alliance, but if you want to use this woman to scheme against the Fearless Alliance... you're delusional! A person may draw a tiger in so far as its skin, but it's hard to draw its bones! No matter how much this woman resembles our president, I can see through her with a single look! If she wants to impersonate our president, she should start imitating her from the demeanor!" Third Elder continued to yell.