Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2338: Going according to her plan

"What's the method?" Yin Yuerong asked.

"The information I obtained is that Yi Yunmo appears to be interested in Eldest Young Master. That night, she directly kicked out the two women I brought over and declared that she wouldn't permit me to bring anyone over again. Her interest is very evident already. Later, she publicly dropped Eldest Young Master off at a meeting. If Madam uses Eldest Young Master as an excuse to invite her here, we might have a better chance," Auntie Qiao said.

"Heh... Interested in Ah-Jiu?" Yin Yuerong's lips curled into a bone-chilling smile. "That makes her more suspicious, doesn't it?"

"Madam, not necessarily." Auntie Qiao shook her head. "Women with a personality like hers are haughty and arrogant to their cores, so they're actually more easily attracted to people with Eldest Young Master's personality like a magnet."

"Furthermore, all the evidence clearly indicates that Worriless Nie and Yi Yunmo are two different people. The people we sent to Yun City yesterday have returned already, and they said Worriless Nie is indeed still in Yun City right now and is currently fretting over Third Elder's matter."

"Did they see Worriless Nie in the flesh?" Yin Yuerong asked.

"No." Auntie Qiao shook her head. "However, the spies I placed in the Fearless Alliance said Worriless Nie summoned several urgent meetings with the higher-ups these past few days. So there most likely isn't a mistake."

"My statement still holds true. We'll be able to see whether she's a true princess or a Cinderella after one visit to the Yin residence," Yin Yuerong said mockingly.