Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2315: What if I do have that kind of intention?

When the higher-up saw Ye Wanwan's gaze landing on his son and surprisingly not looking displeased, hope ignited in his heart, and he advertised his son with increased enthusiasm.

"Ah-Yang, hurry and introduce yourself to Miss Yi!" The higher-up shoved his son.

The youth named Ah-Yang had his lips tightly pursed and his complexion looked ghastly pale as he stood unmoving in his spot.

The higher-up turned anxious. "Why are you foolishly standing there?"

The youth pushed his father away. "Sorry, I have something to do. Please excuse me!"

"You..." The higher-up nearly stomped his feet in anger upon seeing his son dashing away.

He hastily turned to Ye Wanwan and apologized, "I'm truly sorry, Miss Yi. This child is a bit introverted and shy with strangers."

Ye Wanwan casually replied, "He has quite the character."

Someone who could remain this frank in the Independent State and especially within a circle like the Arbitration Council was truly a rare sight.

The higher-up didn't know whether Ye Wanwan's remark was a compliment or an insult, so he laughed it off and kept apologizing.