Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2309: Hurry and introduce us

The girl stepped closer and closer, her aura and stunning looks captivating everyone she passed.

Like every man present, Yin Heng involuntarily tightened his grasp around his wine glass.

Yin Heng watched as the girl approached him and he stepped forward, courteously raising his glass toward her. "Miss Yi, my name is Yin Heng. I'm Director Yin Yuerong's son..."

However, the girl treated Yin Heng like air and acted like she didn't see or hear him.

The other guests were naturally witnesses to Yin Heng being ignored and discussion ran rampant again.

"Pft, he actually got ignored!"

"That's a man Miss Qin took a fancy to, but Yi Yunmo didn't even look at him!"

"Please! Miss Yi's standards must be much higher than Miss Qin's! What's weird about that?!"

The slightly embarrassed Yin Heng could only smile cordially and withdraw his cup, pretending not to care.