Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2286: This is gold-spun soft armor, right?

After placating He Lianjue, Ye Wanwan stared at his face incredulously. "Did... could it be you impersonated Yi Lingjun?"

But that didn't seem right. How could anyone casually impersonate the President of the Arbitration Council...

Medusa chuckled and said, "How could that have happened? Master's real identity is the head of the Yi Clan to begin with."

Ye Wanwan was stunned by this truth.

Ye Wanwan muttered, "How... how is that possible...?"

These two people were clearly absolute opposites from identity to status to demeanor to personality. But they were the same person?

He Lianjue responded matter-of-factly, "Eh, when you're in Jianghu, who doesn't have a few disguises for protection? Little Worriless, Master taught you this back then! And you really did fully embrace Master's teachings!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."