Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2281: What kind of old friend are they??

The current world was extremely open, but the Independent State remained so stagnant and conservative, sealed off from the rest of the world. It could be described as inhumane even. If they continued like this, they would eventually march toward destruction.

"If the rules exist, then they are reasonable. Moreover, the Independent State has its unique characteristics. Since the ancestor's rules were executed for so long, they naturally have their own reasoning."

Yi Lingjun was worthy of being a great master indeed. Normal people were no match for his debate skills.

Moreover, Ye Wanwan didn't think a few words from her would be enough to persuade the President of the Arbitration Council.

Hence, Ye Wanwan didn't waste any more words. "So did you send people to bring me here merely to say this to me, President Yi?"

"Of course not. Follow me." Yi Lingjun then walked forward.

Ye Wanwan was perplexed, clueless about Yi Lingjun's objective. However, he was the President of the Arbitration Council, the most powerful and supreme leader of the Twelve Independent States, so he just had to snap his fingers secretly if he wanted to harm her. He didn't need to go to such great lengths.