Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2278: Tracked?

"Third Elder, you have to be confident in yourself. You can easily accomplish this task," First Elder encouraged.

"Heh, First Elder, as people commonly say, you don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut... No wait, it's don't try to fix porcelain without a metal clamp. I don't have the metal clamp, but you do, so you're the one to go," Third Elder retorted with a snort.

What kind of cosmic joke was that? Who didn't know Yin Yuerong was a poison master and had poison covering every inch of her home? He didn't want to die without knowing the cause, so whoever wanted to go could go, but he wouldn't go.

"Say, I think you two..."”Ye Wanwan was expressionless”"...should change your names to Shen Gongbao."

"President, what do you mean?" Third Elder was confounded.

"What do I mean?" Ye Wanwan pursed her lips. "Do you need to ask? ˜Better a friend to die than me'."

Third Elder was still confused.

"Hahaha, haven't you read Investiture of the Gods... It's that Shen Gongbao who sends other people to their deaths every time..." Big Dipper broke into guffaws.

Third Elder: "..."