Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2272: The sky has collapsed!?

"Director Si!" Qin Xiyuan immediately called out.

Si Yehan paused in his steps. "Miss Qin."

"I heard Director Si has recently been arranging law proposals and suggesting great reforms. I've been wanting to discuss them with you. Are you free tonight?" Qin Xiyuan extended the invitation with a charming smile and a confident expression.

Qin Xiyuan's suggestion was clearly very enticing. In other words, if he wanted to pass the bill, she'd be of great assistance regardless of how you looked at it.

"I am not." Si Yehan didn't consider it for even one second.

"What about tomorrow night?" Qin Xiyuan was persistent.

In contrast to his careful deliberation of every word when it was Ye Wanwan, Si Yehan was evidently too lazy to even make an excuse when it was Qin Xiyuan.

Hence, Si Yehan directly glanced at Lin Que.