Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2266: Using the child to pin you down

The sound of footsteps was heard from behind and Yin Yuerong, dressed in black, walked out unhurriedly. "You were finally willing to come back."

"What is it? Did you finally come to your senses?" Yin Yuerong quietly asked after taking a sip of tea.

Si Yehan glanced at the woman and apathetically said, "I merely came to inform you: Worriless and my wedding is next month."

In the next second, Yin Yuerong smashed her cup onto the ground.

Several shattered pieces flew up and headed straight toward Si Yehan, slashing a bloody line against his neck.

"So you're adamant about disobeying me? Merely because of that woman and a vile spawn?" Yin Yuerong's expression turned savage.

When Si Yehan heard the words "vile spawn," icicles shattered in his eyes. "Watch your words."