Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2265: Vixen and vile spawn

In the night, the dark and gloomy manor was akin to the mouth of an enormous beast.

The manor was vast but barren. Rumors claimed not even a blade of grass grew in Yin Yuerong's manor due to the giant poisonous laboratory inside of it.

Everyone in the manor stood in their spots with their heads downcast and their expressions numb and icy. They were like lifeless puppets.

The entire manor was as dead silent as a graveyard without a decibel of noise.

Lin Que followed behind Si Yehan with great trepidation. "Ninth Brother, how about I wait outside for you?"

"Sure, but I can't guarantee your safety once you leave my line of sight," Si Yehan replied.

"Nevermind nevermind, I'll follow you! I'll follow you! Ninth Brother, go more slowly. Don't leave me behind..."