Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2264: Don't blame me for barging there to abduct you


Ye Wanwan was aghast. Lin Que was better off not explaining; his contribution merely made her more worried.

Si Yehan solemnly said, "Be good and stay here while you wait for my return. If you come with me, I'd have to take you into consideration, and it'd be more inconvenient to do things."

Judging from Si Yehan's attitude, he definitely wouldn't allow her to go. When Ye Wanwan thought about it, she really didn't have any confidence in pacifying the entity that was her mother-in-law, so she'd produce the opposite of the desired result if she went. Thus, she could only nod. "Alright then. If anything happens, you must tell me immediately."


Ye Wanwan raised her brows. "Then our wedding ceremony will be held after the summit concludes. If you don't come back then, don't blame me for barging over there to abduct you!"

Si Yehan broke into a chuckle. "That won't happen."

Even though he would look forward to that very much.