Only you in my love

Chapter 188 You Will Only Cause Trouble

Thinking of Albert's words, Noah answered, "It's a man. My childhood playmate. "

Hearing that it was a man, Nina lost her interest.

When Kristina heard "childhood playmate", she guessed who was outside. She also deliberately concealed it, pouted and said, "Don't think about it. There are only men around him and there are only two women around him. You and me."

Noah retorted, "Not only that. The cases that I've taken over, and most of the victims are women. Sometimes, I'll meet their families."

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! " Kristina listened to what he said with trembling eyes, "How did my sister-in-law and brother give birth to such a thing like you?"

"Puff..." Nina couldn't help laughing. Realizing that it was not appropriate, she immediately stopped smiling and pretended not to hear anything.

There was always more joy in the ward. Most of the time, Nina and Kristina chatted with each other, and John sat on the sofa, busy with the company business.

When John was busy, he could barely accept the fact that Nina was joking with Noah. If he was not busy, he couldn't accept the fact that Nina left him alone.

At this moment, they were talking and laughing happily in John's ears, about the boring topic that he didn't like, but the daily topic that Nina mentioned made him stop reading the documents on the screen. His eyes were far-reaching, so jealousy surged from all directions and almost devoured himself.

Finally, he couldn't bear it anymore and closed the laptop. He raised his eyes leisurely and began to make up lies. "The doctor said you can leave the hospital now."

It was the second day that Nina was hospitalized.

Her sprained ankle was still swollen.

The conversation in the ward suddenly stopped. The three people and six pairs of eyes looked at the noble and domineering man on the sofa at the same time.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, John raised his wrist watch and said slowly, "If you have anything to talk, just talk as soon as possible. I'll go through the discharge formalities in half an hour."

Rolling her eyes, Nina raised her blue and swollen foot and moved in midair. "Are you sure I can leave the hospital in this way?"

John was indifferent as usual, "You won't die."

Kristina was speechless. How could he say that to his wife?

Only Noah knew that Albert once said that Mr. John was easily jealous, probably because they had taken too much time of Ninja in the past two days.

feet. Take care of yourself


trouble here." All of a sudden, a voice came from John. He shook

while, Kristina realized that it was not Nina that made trouble

anything intimate, which

last night that

hadn't saved Nina once, Mr. John would have been rude

you go to KL Hospital and have your feet recovered earlier. Even if you don't go to KL Hospital, Mr. John will hire the best orthopedist to your home. It won't take you two days to recover. As for me... " Kristina gave Nina a look to show that Nina should

wanted to keep Noah accompany

Nina nodded in

a while, a pair of big hands passed through her armpit, and Nina's body suddenly rose in the

you doing?" Someone is here!

was half shrank into the man's shoulder, revealing a pair of wet eyes, like the sunset glow half sticking out of the clouds, shy and

matter." With an ambiguous smile on her face, Kristina glanced at Noah who looked calm. Kristina

never liked anyone in the past. Perhaps he

that Noah didn't

was better to see more about the love between Mr. John and Nina. Noah could wipe away the blurry feelings before

better in the

John had always been indifferent.

With her legs swaying, Nina patted him on the shoulder and said, "Didn't you say in half an hour? It's

course I will take you back to North Yard to

that they didn't everything together. Now, she was caring about Kristina all day long and was eager to sleep in the

foot, John didn't want to

was getting more and more greedy, even thinking of staying with Kristina for

he was

and said angrily, "If you dare to move a little now, I

immediately stopped moving.

As soon as they walked out of the hospital, the assistant was sent by Henry to deal with

let go of Nina. He hadn't held her well for a day and a

also a little greedy for his embrace. She was obedient and lovable like a cat, lying on his shoulder

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