Only you in my love

Chapter 187 Love Me, Love My Dog

Albert just sat aside and watched Isabella stumbling and the car chasing after her.

He watched it with great interest, like a cheetah enjoying the excitement of chasing its prey.

It was a prey released by Albert himself.

Albert regarded it as a training.

Isabella's struggle and stubbornness made Albert very excited. She was much smarter and braver than Hailee, that stupid woman.

When Albert gave some instructions to Hailee casually, she killed the person who had hurt her. She thought she did it flawlessly, but she was discovered finally.

Such a fool deserved life imprisonment.

Isabella was different. She could be taught to become better to help him remove many obstacles in the future.

Isabella was exhausted. She had used all her tricks, but she still couldn't dodge. The car was like a plaster, which she couldn't get rid of.

Seeing that Isabella had got enough training, Albert ordered Ford through the headset, "It's okay."

Ford deliberately changed the direction. Isabella stopped and collapsed on the ground.

At the same time, she was dragged up ruthlessly by Ford and staggered to follow behind him.

"Take her to wash up and send her back to the Zhang family." Albert stood up and drove away.

He arrived at the hospital and headed for Isabella's ward.

He guessed that Noah or John must be waiting to interrogate Isabella.

He promised to help Isabella solve this problem.

As soon as he arrived at the door of Isabella's ward, he saw Glenn pacing back and forth. Through the open door, he could see Amelia and Noah.

Amelia answered Noah's questions with a calm face, without giving themselves away.

walked over with a smile.

Albert, Mr. Albert, please help Isabella. Noah says that Isabella is suspected of intentional injury. Isn't it nonsense? But she is missing now. Noah says that she might have

my daughter!" Poor Glenn, this old father. He had only one daughter, Isabella. He always turned a blind eye to

intentional injury, and she might be going to be

"Don't worry. I've investigated it clearly. It's not Isabella's fault and she didn't escape from punishment. I have sent her back to your family because she didn't want to stay

Amelia walked out

surprised. "Albert?

husband. With a flattering smile, she asked, "Mr. Albert, are you here

I'm really sorry that I forgot to tell you about it." Albert looked at Noah and said,

you so much,

the police station

was all because of Kristina.

protected Albert, who was fourteen years old. Since then, Albert had been very good to Kristina and Noah. They

three of them

than Noah did. Noah had kept all these in

"Aunt is upstairs. Do you want to

Albert also

love my dog.

Noah was the only

Noah entered the elevator, talking and laughing. Without other people around, Noah couldn't help but care

will be my most handy gun, doing things for

way. He just smiled and said, "Don't get me wrong. Isabella has helped

my aunt. I've investigated Isabella. She seems to be..."

a lot of dirty tricks? Arrogant and domineering?"

answer, which meant he agreed

to protect you, she was extremely arrogant. What's more, she

Kristina, and he could talk

was the only one who could know these things. No one else deserved to know the

slapped on Albert's back, making

"Don't say that."

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