Only you in my love

Chapter 183 The Harmony Between Husband And Wife

Noah was also surprised to see Vivian, because he noticed her vigilance in her eyes.

That was the reason why he didn't want to tell his family that he had come back. Both Julie and Vivian thought he was planning to take the family property, but in fact, he just wanted to be a good police.

Even his biological father was dissatisfied with him and didn't like him. He felt such a failure.

Only Kristina cared him.

Kristina took charge of the Ye's Group and controlled half of the Ye family's assets. She did this just for Noah.

However... He might disappoint Kristina.

Inheriting such a large family business and so much property was not what he lived for.

"Come in." Noah looked calm with an approachable smile.

It was not until then that Vivian realized her gaffe. She concealed her astonishment and nodded at Noah with a graceful smile. "Noah, I'm here to visit my aunt."

Noah turned to let her in.

She was shocked again when she saw Nina. Before she could see John was also here, she said, "Nina, why are you here?"

Her voice sounded a little urgent.

There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Vivian's black eyes. She met Noah, who competed with her for the family property, and then she met Nina, who competed with her for John.

'Misfortunes do not come alone.'

Gritting her teeth secretly, Vivian tightened her grip on her bag, where there were impressions made by her fingernails.

"We had an accident so I'm also here." Nina disliked Vivian because Vivian thought in one way and behaved in another.

Everyone had the right to like others. It was not wrong for Vivian to like John. Nina was jealous, but she would not hate Vivian because of this.

However, Vivian was not sincere.

Nina wouldn't make friends with Vivian.

"You seem to have a problem with my wife." All of a sudden, John uttered in silence. He didn't even look at Vivian.

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