One Meet By Chance

Chapter 481 You Are My Daughter

At this moment, sitting on the sofa, Teresa turned her head and looked at the man with a cold face. This man was the first person she saw after she woke up.

She recalled that a few days ago, she attended the Christopher's yacht banquet with Enrique. She was not used to the noisy environment, so she wanted to go to the deck to breathe some fresh air. However, a person who should not have appeared on the banquet appeared.

When she was about to ask, the person who shouldn't have appeared pushed her into the river.

She couldn't breathe. She felt that she was surely dead this time. When she woke up again, she was already lying on the bed of this room, and the man sitting beside her bed was exactly the man in front of her.

At that time, he looked at her with a faint smile, did not talk to her, and did not allow anyone to approach her. That man went out with his people after seeing her wake up.

He brought food to her regularly every day, and she also wanted to escape, but unfortunately, there was always someone guarding at the door. She even thought about escaping from the window. There were also people standing outside each window, whether it was day or night.

She had observed that there was no room for her to escape, so she had to wait for the man to appear again. She knew that that man must be the one who saved her.

But since he had saved her, why should he put her under house arrest? Kidnap? In the end, she could not help but thinking that maybe he wanted to threaten her father or Enrique by her.

What worried her most now was her two children. She was missing. What should the two of them do? She didn't know whether he had concealed her disappearance or not.

'Brain, Bruce, I miss you so much. Are you two all right now?' A touch of sadness flashed across her face.

At this moment, Ives stood in front of Teresa, as if he wanted to see through Teresa. Her eyes and nose really looked like Nadia.

But why did he feel that she looked like him now? Oh, suddenly he felt ridiculous. Yes, she was his daughter. She was the daughter of him and Nadia. How could she not look like him and Nadia?

of his life, he had lost his love and been betrayed by his good friends. He had lived like a rat crossing the street. Now, he was back and wanted to come back for revenge. Anyway, he

But now, a daughter suddenly appeared. In this world, he was

Why do you put me under house

heart, she could still get some clues from

long time. Teresa frowned and wanted to withdraw her hand. 'What wrong was this

were many possibilities in Teresa's mind. She was thinking of a solution quickly in her mind. However, Ives pulled Teresa into

"What are you doing?"

pushed away Ives. She took a glass from the tea table, smashed it and pointed it at Ives, her eyes

don't be afraid. Your name is Teresa Gu, right? I

party. As for Ives, his eyes were full of love. Standing

his life. In fact, it seemed that he was lonely in his heart. Suddenly, when he knew that he had such a daughter,

suddenly appeared in front of him, which made him lose his mind. He even had

Teresa. I'm Mr. Ives's lawyer. Don't be afraid. We won't hurt you, and I just want to tell

truth? I don't know what you are talking

Teresa, please have a seat. I'll tell you about it

sit down,

He looked more reserved. Teresa looked at

didn't seem to have any right to bargain. She might as well listen to it and judge what was true

have been adopted by Mr. Albert of

people knew it. Why

know your mother Nadia

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