Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 164 Traffic Accident

Janet leisurely released the recording pen to further blow Edward.

“But on a condition, I’m going to take the kids!”

That made Edward sad. He heard her voices of laughter, crying, anger and coquetry, none of which ever had made him so desperate.

Last time Alice wanted to get his baby aborted, he thought that she just didn’t want to have the baby, but this time, she was going to leave with Albert and Rebecca.

The sound of the digital recorder had started to replay automatically. Edward grabbed the recorder and threw it away brutally, as if it was something terrible.

All sorts of emotions poured into his heart. He got a little confused. These days Alice’s being unwilling to have the baby was a dagger to his heart, so he had been on the fence and didn’t know whether to see her or not.

It was until today that he finally decided to visit Alice, but she had determined to leave him.

The telephone rang, but he didn’t want to answer it.

When Alice walked to a crossroads close to her home, the sky was already getting dark. She needed to hurry up, otherwise she might miss dinner. After all, starvation did harm to the baby.

She touched her belly and smiled. Since she determined to take good care of it. She must first stay in health, so she could give birth to the baby at her best.

With a thud, something happened.

Before Alice even knew it, she had fallen on the ground. At the last minute before getting unconscious, Alice was protecting her belly. But the pain at the belly never stopped.

My baby, my baby.

No one got out of the car that hit Alice. The man in the car turned around and left.

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“Baby, my baby...”

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