Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 129: Please Don't Challenge My Bottom Line

This is clearly an ordinary tone, but it is a deafening noise in the feeling of Charles Johnson. His heart suddenly jumped up and felt Edward Smith's gloomy mood.

He suddenly regretted something, but his mind flashed Joanna's figure, which made him immediately shouted defiantly, "Am I wrong? Didn't you leave Alice to be with Joanna?"


A hard and accurate fist hit Johnson's right eye directly, which makes him stagger back a few steps before he just stands firm. Looking at the cold and tall man standing opposite, he realizes that he has angered the lion.

"Continue to repeat what you just said." Edward Smith is staring at the Johnson with his eagle eyes and said with cold voice.

Johnson felt a little flustered, and his right eye also had a dull pain. He noticed that all the men and women around him were watching the play.

Many people's voices are introduced into his ears, which make him feel embarrassed at the moment, and his hatred of Edward Smith becomes deeper and deeper. "If you are not in that state of mind, then what are you?" I see in those days that you were clearly married to Alice, and you deliberately made Ann like you. Aren't you doing this for today's results?"


Another punch on Johnson makes him feel very angry. He turns his right fist directly and rushes at Edward Smith.

When he waved his hand in mid-air, he is detained by Edward Smith, who makes a right hook directly and is hit in his right eye again, which makes him cry in pain. "Bastard! Edward Smith, you are simply not a person!"

"I should have told you before to stop appearing in front of me!"

Edward Smith said coldly.

Johnson made a gesture of gnashing his teeth, but did not dare to answer. Over the years, Johnson's enterprises have always been hit by Edward Smith, and even Joanna Hale is protecting him. He is just like a dog beside Joanna Hale and he had got nothing and suffered humiliation.


"I am going to stand in front of you today. If you have the guts, you will kill me!"


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