Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 166 Betraying Him

The car moved slowly. But Alice was rapt in thinking about her kids’ future so that she didn't notice the car that was going to hit her.

Unlike Alice, Edward watched the video recorded by the monitor. He observed where the car came from and the track of its types. He found that it was a fact that the car hit Alice on purpose.

Before watching the video, he had been glad that the car moved slowly. He had wondered why Alice was hit by the slow car. He only felt grateful that Alice was safe, but he hadn't thought that the car crash wasn't an accident.

It was what Janet said inspired him that Alice staged the car crash. He didn't allow her bodyguards to take her to some strange places. She might find that she was followed by bodyguards so she staged the accident.

He couldn't find any information about the car. It might be true that… She was merciless! Thinking that she had an abortion five years ago, Edward was puzzled. Was Alice still same as the one who had looked forward to the birth of her child five years ago?

Edward thought the relationships between Alice and him had improved a lot recently. Less than a month ago, they were as happy as they had been five years ago. He even decided that he should have more trust in Alice. But Alice betrayed him.

She was hypocritical and relentless. She was so awful that he didn't know what he should say to her.

Janet scolded at Alice, and Alice listened to her quietly. Alice said nothing and she couldn't speak.

bigger dark circles staring at the white ceiling of the hospital. She lost much weight only in two days. It seemed that she was wrapped

hide his strange feelings. He didn't want be affected by Alice easily. He didn't care how

know when Janet left. When she woke up, she found Edward stood by her bed. He looked down

me,” he shouted. Alice took over the contract which she hadn’t read carefully before she signed it. After she read it word by

tell me that you didn’t sign the contract?” Edward asked. Though Edward was furious, he expected that she could deny it. He knew that she had signed the contract by herself. That was her signature on the contract and that

though that wasn’t true. He would be less upset if he deceived himself than

need to deny it when Janet showed up. Moreover, she indeed had

was heartbroken. “Alice, good job. You faked a car

was unable to say it. Even if she could speak, she’d better not talk with Edward, who was furious at

together with him. Whenever you thought you lived a happy life, life would become

lips moved at his words, but her throat was dry, and she could utter no word and her eyes became gloom while Edward looked at her expectantly, though she wanted to

at the moment. Then he turned around,

what could she say? It might be the best result that he

She shouldn’t only care about the kid that she lost, but also cared Albert and Rebecca. They were so little that they couldn’t lose their mother, Alice, who was vital to them. Even for them, she should go

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