Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter152 The Condition

Alice bites her lip. She knows what Janet's purpose is. Janet just wants to stimulate her by saying these words.

But it is undeniable that Janet's goal has been achieved.

Even if she tells herself a thousand times not to fall in love with Edward again, she still can't help but cares about everything about him. Especially when she hears that the pressure and problems he is experiencing are all due to herself, how can she just look on with folded arms?

"Do you think he really loves you?" A glimmer of dark light flashes through Janet's fierce eyes, and she deliberately approaches Alice. The housekeeper on one side is a little worried and wants to persuade them, but he is shocked by Janet's eyes.

One is Mr. Smith’s mother, and the other is the woman that Mr. Smith cares about. The housekeeper is anxious. However, the man brought by Mrs. Janet stares at him at this time, so he can’t secretly call Mr. Smith to come over. He can only look at Mrs. Janet and Miss Alice in the living room from a distance, and he can't hear what they are talking about clearly.

Sitting on the sofa, Alice tenses up unconsciously. She watches the sneer on Janet's lips and has a bad foreboding, "I don't care if he loves me or not."

After all, if it wasn't for the child in her belly, she might have left Edward long ago.

Alice comforts herself, trying to ignore the tension in her heart.

"Really? If that's the case, why do you live here? Joanna said that you promised her to leave here, but you actually stay with Edward. You left him back then, and now you appear again. Alice, You are a bitch!" Janet becomes angrier as she speaks, steadily staring at the woman in front of her that she can't get rid of.

Alice looks at Janet, "I don't want to stay here either!"

aback for a moment, then she laughs mockingly, "Then

eyes. At first, when she knew that she is pregnant, her first thought was

should be more resolute, so that he will not face the attack and embarrassment of the Hale family, and Janet and Joanna will not try their

this period she doesn’t promise to remarry with Shen Mo Chen, she doesn’t leave

voice suddenly becomes less sharp. She curls up the corners of her lips and even sits across from Alice. She orders the housekeeper to serve tea, picks up the tea cup elegantly and takes a sip, then she looks at Alice contemptuously, "How much do

She feels very ridiculous and asks, "Do you think Edward can't afford the money? I think as long as I speak, he will

know what kind of person you are. Just tell me, what

not me, it’s that he doesn't want me

love him, what's the point of staying here? I think you are a smart person. You can ask for a price, and I can make you take the two bastards and your mother out of here. But if you don't cooperate with me, don't blame me

hates the most is that these people

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herself being

Janet becomes impatient, "I can feed you another bowl of medicine now, and Edward will

to her mind gradually. The feeling of despair, sadness and fear come to her together. She feels her hands and feet

do it myself." Janet is like a poisonous snake, she sneers at Alice and approaches her step by step. It is clearly March in the spring, but Alice feels the cold of winter, and a kind of inexplicable sadness is born in

thinks of the scene five years ago. Maybe from the beginning,

a while, Alice speaks in a low voice, "I don't intend to give

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