Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter128: Get Drunk

Though Alice Roberts smiles happily, John Blake still catches her sadness, feeling powerless and distressed for her. He doesn’t know what happened, but it must have something to do with Edward Smith.

If marriage is what she wants, he would like to marry her.

“Edward, stop drinking, or you’ll have to go to the hospital.”

Shane White takes away the XO in his hand, which is the third one he drinks tonight. He is crazy, finishing two bottles, and now he is going to drink another one.

“Give it back to me.”

Edward Smith robs it back, and then drinks a big gulp straight to the mouth. His eyes are darkening, there's no more light in them.

Shane White is stunned by his expression, taking away his bottle again, asking him, “Tell me what happened. You’ve been upset for some time, is it related to Alice?”

“I have nothing with her anymore.” only in the presence of his best friend, under the influence of alcohol, can he show the sad expression.

A proud business genius, who is in the busy bar, desperately tries to get drunk, which makes Shane White want to complain about Alice Roberts, “There are plenty of fish in the sea, why do you have to choose Alice? Whoever you want is easy for you.”

It seems to bear his words out, a hot lady walks towards them, holding a cup of wine, looking at Edward with her best winsome smile, being closer to him deliberately, “Hey boy, shall we have a drink?”

When meeting the case like this in normal times, Shane will drive them out or wait to see how Edward reacts.

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