Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter21: The Only Female Doctor in the Urology Department

Facing the innocent children, Alice Roberts cannot tell a lie, but she also can't tell them she was being with Edward Smith but to explain it hesitantly.

Fortunately, Albert Roberts and Rebecca Roberts have always been lovable. They take her hand and sit down at the dining table.

Albert Roberts embodies a bowl of wheat porridge for Alice and says childishly, "Mommy, you did not rest for the whole night, eat some porridge."

"Mommy, you must be tired, let me give you a massage!" As Rebecca Roberts says, she stands on another stool and stretches out her little hands to give Alice a shoulder massage.

"Yeah..."Their lovely behavior makes Alice feel warm and instantly heals the pain caused by Edward Smith. She might not have a lover, but she has her family.

Now the only thing she needs to do is to take good care of her mother and two children. Being with them is her greatest happiness.

After having a harmonious breakfast together, Alice Roberts takes Albert and Rebecca to the nearby kindergarten named St. Paul's School.

Alice Roberts has been employed by the hospital where her mother is in. She doesn't have too much time to take care of Albert and Rebecca, so she sends them to a nice kindergarten and pick them up after work.

However, Alice Roberts simply doesn't realize that her cute and innocent babies are real genius. Taking care of themselves is not a problem to them, let alone going to school.

"Brother, do we really need to go to the kindergarten? I want to be at home, boo-hoo…"Rebecca Roberts grunts. Thinking of staying with the mentally handicapped who are still running at the nose and learning “1+1”, her little face instantly languishes.

Albert Roberts also thinks so but looking at their mummy sitting in the passenger's seat, he closes his eyes and muffles, "Listen to Mummy."

Seeing this, Rebecca Roberts has no choice but to accept the kindergarten.

are not familiar with the new environment, but here is Mommy's homeland. I hope that you can adapt to it slowly. The other children will like you guys. Listen to the requests of the teachers, ok?

could not say nothing but goodbye to Alice

to the car and goes to the hospital until she

entry formality has already been done. With the overseas experience, it is very simple for Alice Roberts to get started to work. It is just that she

there is

are you the only female doctor in our department who came from abroad?" The girl in the pink nurse costume looks at Alice Roberts with excitement, and almost spins around Alice. In fact, she has

nods, and introduces herself with a

and reaches out

Alice smile. Surrounded by those male doctors, Alice Roberts looks divine with her white coat.

"You are so beautiful."


Julie Swift couldn't

the patients are all male. Those guys would flirt with Alice Roberts for

disrespect you, tell me,

which shocks all the male doctors. They all draw back with their diagnostic forms at hands and disperse, which makes

meets the cheerful and loyal Julie Swift who is a nurse and assigned to her as an assistant. After a while, they

is new, and her male colleagues are thoughtful, so she has no other

the beautiful face and friendly attitude, the patients in the urology department are instantly excited, they request

that patient is directly "sent" out of the hospital by Julie Swift. When he leaves, he screams that he

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