Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter 165 You Are Heartless

Janet was still here. After hearing the news, she couldn’t help smiling. Alice, that bitch, was finally paid out!

“Do you still want to visit her even if she has made up her mind to leave you?” Janet asked. Edward turned a deaf ear to his mother’s words. At the moment, all in his mind was that Alice had a car accident.

Janet didn’t care whether Edward was listening to her or not. She watched him leaving, took a deep look at Nivea, and then walked away step by step elegantly.

Edward stepped on the gas all the way to the hospital while driving until he finally arrived at the hospital, not knowing how many red lights he had run through.

Edward walked quickly to the entrance of Alice’s ward. Her bodyguards had the jitters when they saw their president coming with anger. They immediately made way for him.

When Edward was just about to push the door in, he stopped suddenly.

Maybe Alice didn’t want to see him at all.

“What happened?” He asked the bodyguards.

They kept pushing and hesitating and didn’t know how to explain. Finally someone stood up and told him all. Maybe it was because the staff was afraid of being scolded by the president so he just mentioned that Alice didn’t concentrate on walking. She walked to the driveway and was hit by a car. The driver slipped away for fear.

Edward frowned deeply. He ordered someone to call the police and then paid all his attention to Alice.

“How is she?” No matter how angry he was, he should better calm down to hear what the doctor said.

“Not good. There was the miscarriage. Your wife... Well, Miss Roberts’s vocal cord was hurt.” Hearing the response of the doctor, Edward was stunned. The baby couldn’t be kept. The baby that he had been expecting for so long was dead. And Alice’s vocal cord was torn. She was a person who thought highly of herself. She would be so sad that she was unable to speak in the future.

“Damn it!” Edward hit the wall with a punch, shrouded in a blue atmosphere.

Alice had been lying in the bed for a very, very long time...

seemed to be frozen. With the people came in and went out, she didn’t

to breed him, but the car accident had destroyed all her

was just staying by her side and kept in silence. In effect, he had so many heartfelt wishes to share with her, but now, both of them

from Alice, might be not. Alice couldn’t speak any more. At the same time, she couldn’t be

She finally had time to observe

the white wall and the strong smell of liquid medicine, everything happened five years ago

bleak. Everything between Edward and her seemed to be back to the

all the time. He didn’t say a word or even act. He just held a piece of paper in

silently, her expression looked desolate. Somehow, he could read a sense of

gloomy glance, but he still didn’t

in an atmosphere of despair. Edward didn’t like this feeling very much. She always made people feel

accident which brought away his baby. These tragedies were like knives stabbing him in

Alice was heartless since he spoke and acted from the bottom of his heart


high-wattage aura in a

really a person who couldn’t know how to take care of others.

of course had

immediately called Joanna after she learned about the news from Edward’s colleagues. It made them happy. They loved to see Alice’s every concession

expected, but Janet didn’t care. She

cheated on her son five years ago. And now she haunted her son like a ghost, and

son was screwed up by Alice. Edward had not chatted with Janet calmly for


she knew about Alice to Joanna, but she gave a respond so calmly. And what did she meant

had already known about all

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