Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 41 Josey And The Fangs


“Are you ready? This is going to hurt. This will hurt." Evan says to Josey.


"Yeah you've about told me this twenty times. If you are trying to change my mind then this is not the way to do it. Did my mates send you? Or do you work for Sabrina?" Josey asks and I chuckle.


"It's Serene Highness." Evan says with a straight face. Josey and I burst in laughter.


Evan joins in eventually.


"You do know I grew up around your Serene highness right? It's Sabrina to me." Josey says and Evan nods as he injects the venom in to Josey.


I close my eyes, hugging myself as I hear Josey scream Fuck.


"I did say it was going to hurt. Enjoy your stay here." Evan says as he and I run out. The one guard locks the steel door.


"Will this hold her?" I ask Evan, not trusting this door.


"It was able to hold your father when he was a nuisance at a younger age. A lycan from the first family." Evan tells me.


“Okay I'll budge. Let's hope you're right." I say not completely sold on that. Josey was my mother's child and now about to a vampire, she was capable of breaking that little steel door.


"I won't break the door Sabrina. I have class." Josey shouts out and I roll my eyes.


Josey's POV


Since I can remember, I've always been second or last. With Sabrina, it was a given. I'd always come last to her.


She is naturally stronger and I didn't understand it at first but now I do. She has a crazy strong family tree and now it doesn't have to be a competition.

I'm not insecure or doubtful, I see light when everyone else chooses to give up. I find positive outcomes out of the grimmest situations and that's what makes me Josey.


Although I won't lie, I have waited forever for this chance, to finally prove to myself that I am more than just Sabrina’s little sister. That I am more than just Clayton and Chase's mate. I am so much more than your luna. That even though I couldn't carry a child to full term this time, I'm capable of so much more.


This was my chance to show everyone that even I can rewrite history and it is female. I want to be the face of all the girl's that had to fight for recognition, the girls that were ever overlooked because there was someone prettier, stronger or better suited. Finally, it was the time for a girl that was an afterthought to shine.


The one challenge only I was best suited for. To say I felt different would be doing my body an injustice.


I feel monstrous. I feel more animal and feral. I feel strong and unstoppable, I had the type of energy that doesn't run out.


Who needs sleep? Not me.


The walls around me were barely keeping me locked up. My power, now increased. I want to run a marathon and then run it again.


"Josey, it's been 3 days. How are you feeling?” Sabrina asks me. Interrupting my self hype moment. I was complimenting myself, trying to get used to the new me.


"I'm okay. I would like to get out of here though." I say.


"I think it's time we check what you are capable of anyway. I'll get Evan to let you out." Sabrina says to me.


I stand up so fast, I almost fall over.




This is something to get used to.


Evan arrives and unlocks the door. Freedom felt different now.


I wasn't just Josey now, I was something else. A brand new animal and nobody knew what I was capable off.


Even I did not know, yet.


I walk out and make my way outside but someone pulls me back.


“Wait, walk slowly. We aren't sure if you can be in the sun.” Mother says to me and I just chuckle at her. I get out of her grip and walk out of the house.


The sun hit me hard but it was beautiful. Colors looked brighter and alive. My hearing was intensified and I could hear a bee buzzing from miles away and still be able to hear what was going on around me.


"She looks just fine to me." Sabrina says with a big smile on her face.


"I feel fine.” I say looking at my mother.


"And the thirst?" Mother asks. She was a ball of nerves as I could hear her heart beating so fast, it was about to break out of her chest.


“Okay whoa, you couldnt let me enjoy my little freedom, could you?” I ask mother and she smiles at me.

"I'm obviously hungry for blood but it's not driving me crazy. What I'd die for though is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Goddess I miss the taste." I say and Sabrina chuckles.

“I need a shower and a change of clothes first. Sabrina, tell me you have something for me?" I ask and she nods her head yes before grabbing my hand and dragging me back in to the house.

“Okay, we're going to disappear for a little bit. We will pass by your pack to get some clothes and to see your mates." Sabrina says to me, her grip on me tightening when I try to break free.

"I can't Sabrina. They'll just try to talk me out of this crazy idea that only makes sense to me. I'm also scared that I'll intimidate them and then they will pull a Max on me. I can't go through what you went through and come out strong.” I say panic rising inside me.

"I don't see that happening and I'm saying this as the moon goddess." Sabrina tells me smiling.

"I just know they miss you and are very worried.” She says and we disappear off and land in my room.

"You can go shower and I'll pack some clothes for you." Sabrina says and I bulge my eyes out.

“I will mindlink you on what to pack as I shower. I don't trust your fashion sense post baby, no offense. I may be a vampire now but I will not be seen in black leggings and a black tank top. Respect me please.” I say before walking in to the bathroom to finally wash off days worth of funk.

I take my time washing my hair, shaving my legs and just enjoying the hot water. I walk out to dry myself before I put lotion on my body.

I leave my hair in curls and walk out to go see what Sabrina’s been up to. She set aside some of her outfit choices and the ones I had her pick out.

"Well?" I ask looking at her.

"Whoa! That was fast. Are you sure you even took a shower?" Sabrina asks me.

"Yes and I took my time to better enjoy the water.” I say and Sabrina chuckles.

"Oh my little vampire. We seem to have forgotten about your increased speed." Sabrina teases and I just roll me eyes.