Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 38 It Never Ends

Third Person POV 

Hunter and Kimberley were having lunch with Xander and his beta when Sabrina stormed in, stomping her feet. 

One didn't have to guess if she was angry, it was clearly written all over her beautiful young face. 

"Oh no..." Xander says looking at his mate march her way towards them. His beta, Lucas stands up and bows his head when Sabrina walks past him, running out of the room to avoid feeling Sabrina's wrath. 

Sabrina stops in front of her father, Hunter and her mother. 

"For people trying to play parent, withholding important information is not getting you any points. In fact, you are losing them. How am I supposed to trust any of you if not even one of you can be completely honest and transparent with me?" Sabrina says, folding her arms for that added effect. 

Xander stands up to stand beside Sabrina. His face had worry written all over it. 

"Sabrina Kimberley Trent, you watch your tone when speaking to your elders young lady." Her mother says and Sabrina let's out a chuckle. 

"She is not a Trent!" Hunter says banging his hand on the table but everyone ignored his mini outburst. 

"That should be the least of your problems, Kimberly!" Sabrina states, unfolding her arms to put them palm down on the dinner table. 

"What is it Sabrina?" Hunter asks, not one sign of emotion on his face. 

"I was told that if I go up there, I would meet my true mate. That was not part of the plan! I have a mate that I want, that I love. I want to spend forever with Xander and now this?" Sabrina says, Xander stepping back from her. 

He looks at Sabrina's parents and back at Sabrina. 

"A true mate?" Xander asked and everyone turned to face him. 

"X, I just found out." Sabrina says to Xander. 

"Calm down Sabrina. We don't even know if he's alive. Ethia could have killed him." Kimberly says but Hunter rolls his eyes. 

"We have our own world there too. Just as the moon pairs you here, we are paired from birth. The minute you were born, your mate was born. That's how we know and that's how it works." Hunter said looking at Sabriba. 

He stands up and makes his way to Xander but Xander steps back, his eyes glassy. 

"I welcomed you all in my pack. Accepted the drama you all came with because I love Sabrina and Adrastos but this is something else. I would have appreciated some honesty." Xander says. 

"That was for Sabrina to figure out on her own." Hunter says, leaving no room for an argument. 

"I WOULD HAVE APPRECIATED SOME FUCKEN HONESTY!" Xander shouted, shocking everyone. Since Sabrina met him, he has always been cool, calm and collected but this was not it. 

"It never fucken ends with all of you. Who's coming next? A grandfather that wants his throne back? A brother that does not want your son to take over? Is Sabrina's mate going to come here and kill me?" Xander says, running his hand through his hair. 

Sabrina was frozen in place. Xander was very angry and this was the first time he was lashing out like this in front of her. 

"I want you both out of my house and off my pack grounds in the next 30 minutes." Xander says before walking away. 

"We are your superiors boy! You better watch yourself." Hunter says to Xander and Xander scoffs, turning around, walking towards Hunter. 

They were standing so close to each other, their noses were almost touching. 


"Get. Out. Of. My. House." He says through gritted teeth and walked away. 

Hunter and Kimberly turned to face Sabrina. All Sabrina wanted to do right now is chase after her mate but she was not sure if Xander had kicked her out too. 

She wouldn't blame him. All she has done is bring chaos in to his life and all he has been is understanding. Was it also wrong that Sabrina was madly turned on by that outburst? 

Hunter was too angry by the disrespect shown that he could not pick up Sabrina's enticement but Kimberly knew that look and before Hunter would notice, she disappeared off with him, leaving Sabrina all alone with her thoughts. 

Her very wild and guilty thoughts.

A door banging broke her sex train of thought and she ran out of the room in search of Xander. 

His scent led her to his office, where a loud growl could be heard from outside the door. Followed by things breaking. Sabrina barged in to the office to find Xander on his knees, pulling at his hair in frustration. 

Broken furniture covering the entire floor. 

She tried feeling him out through their bond but his wall was up. He had closed her out. Sabrina closed the office door before Xander's eyes connected with hers. 

"What are we going to do?" Xander asks in a barely audible tone but Sabrina's wonderful hearing skills picked that up. 

Sabrina went down on her knees in front of Xander and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss was soft, slow and filled with intense emotion. This was Sabrina trying to give Xander some reassurance about who has her heart, who she belonged to. 

Xander returned the kiss with equal if not more fervor, pouring out his love to Sabrina, the woman who will always have his heart. 

They eventually pulled apart, to catch their breath but to also face reality. One look at Xander and Sabrina knew they were in trouble. 

"If you meet your true mate, that is destiny. Who are we to fight it? I was raised to respect the mate bond Sabrina, fighting it goes against what I believe in." Xander says as Sabrina shakes her head no. 

"You don't have to fight it, I will. I will fight for the both of us." Sabrina says to Xander and he chuckles. 

"This is not some power or strength test Sabrina. Have you forgotten how it feels to lock eyes for the first time with your mate? The pull?" Xander asks Sabrina. 

"No. I have not forgotten but I also know that the first time I locked eyes with you, I was a goner. I also know that my feelings for you attacked me suddenly and I couldn't fight them. I know how you made me feel from the first day." Sabrina says to Xander as a tear escapes her eye and Xander wipes it off with his finger. 

"You were in heat." Xander said and Sabrina nodded yes. 

"I was but I could have slept with anyone in that state but Athena and I wanted you. Only you. That has to mean something! You are not my temporary love or some rebound relationship. We are a family! We owe each other a few more babies!" Sabrina says as the tears start to fall. 

"You are my true mate Sabrina, but we both know now that I'm not yours. There is someone out there that belongs to you and as much as we wanted this to be forever, it can't be." Xander said before standing up. 

Sabrina stood up too, looking in to Xander's eyes, pleading with him to not do this. 

"As much as it hurts, I will not stand in the way. I will let you go figure this all out because you deserve a true mate but don't play around with my heart. Find him and make your decision. I will wait for you but I expect you to at the very least, come break it off with me in time. Don't make a fool out of me." Xander says. He kisses her forehead before walking out of that office. 


Sabrina, glued to the spot, could not believe how this all turned out. Xander was such a gentleman but Sabrina did not want this kind of reaction from him, she wanted a fight! 

She wants him to be angry and act angry. He was always so gentle with her, she could probably get away with murder and do much more with Xander.