Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 27 I Am Hurt


We arrived at the border gates and I quickly got out, ran past the guards and shifted in to my wolf. I needed to kill something and something big. 

I ran and ran for what felt like hours. Athena was furious. I was furious. Max got away with the one thing my son truly deserved. He might not want Adrastos, he might hate us but he shouldn't change the fact that it is his. 

The moon blessed us with a son because he was supposed to take over.

Now, he was going to pick a lousy good for nothing kid to take over from him. I hope this gives his pack a look at what that man is capable off. Stripping his own son of his birthright, what would he do to a common wolf!? 


I was wrong about Max. I grew up with him yes, but I didn't spend all my time with him. He has his demons and now I've seen them. 

I spot a buck eating some greenery. I crouch down and move slowly and quietly but a rogue jumps in and tries to steal my food. Luckily the buck comes running my way and jump out and break it's neck. I let the buck fall, turning all my attention to the rogue that is in our land. 

I walk up to him and he growls, trying to scare me away. 

I shift in to my human form, naked. He takes me in and sniffs. Obviously checking if I'm still innocent and that annoys me so I release all my power, still holding eye contact. 

"Shift!" I command and he looks like he's trying to fight it but I'm stronger, definitely stronger than an alpha. 

He shifts and I see a man, probably in his 30s. Scruffy looking and definitely a rogue with that awful stench. 

"What brings you here? What makes you think you can come in here and live to see the next day?" I ask him. 

"Oh I'm not alone.." He says smiling. I could feel two more wolves behind me but I didn't care. Athena was on high alert. 

If Xander could just initiate me so I can link him or someone about this! 

"I'm aware of your friends behind me. Now answer me!" I say. 

"We heard the alpha had a new mate. We are here to sneak in and kill her. We killed the first one, we will kill the other." He says so confidently. 

I chuckle at that. 

"Not on my watch." I say before having a gust of wind throw the ones behind me to my side, then next to their one friend in front of me. 

I have roots come out and wrap around them, pulling them down to the ground.  More roots came out to wrap around their hind and fore legs, legs and arms for the human one. 

"I need you 3 to stay where you are, you can look after my kill for me, while I go get the alpha." I say and they try to move but nothing. 

I shift back in to my wolf and sprint as fast as I can to the pack house. I run to Lucas who was at the training fields and shift back. 

"Rouges! Follow me and link the alpha, he needs to see these ones." I say before shifting back and running. Lucas shifted too and ran behind me. 

When we got to the rouges, Lucas circled them, looking at my handiwork. 

He shifted,

"This you?" He asks and I nod. 

I shift  in to human form and walked around trees looking for a shirt until I find one just in time for Xander's arrival. 

He saw the roots, shifted back to human and looked at me, 

"You did this?" He asks and I nod. I slowly remove the roots on the human one only. 

"Tell them what you told me. Everything!" I said. 

"I will not!" He says as he spits in the alphas direction.