Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 23 Make It Go Away

*Imprint* - When a wolf takes a liking on another and they sink their claws in the wolf to stake their claim. It is almost as marking but the claw mark heals but for that brief moment the two wolves are connected like mates.* 

_________________  _______________________ 

I was frozen in place. If I was really going in to heat then I was in trouble. Max would soon find out and his wolf will be restless until he finds me. 


Knowing Max, he probably still thought of me as his. There had to be a way to get rid of this heat. 

"Is there a way I can stop this from happening? Do you have a witch in your pack?" I ask looking up in to Xander's eyes. 

"Well yes. You will have to do the deed until your wolf is satiated and no, we don't do witches. You're about as close to a witch as I'll ever get." He says to me and I feel my body drain of all energy. 

"He can't find out. If I go into heat, he will feel it and his wolf will have him search everywhere for me." I say and he nods like he understands. 

"That he will do. Look, theres only one way around this and that's by having sex. It is the way of the wolf. I suggest you stay in your apartment for the rest of the week." He says to me and I nod in agreement. 

I begin to walk back to the pack house and Xander silently follows behind. This explains why I found Xander so irresistible. I mean I was acting a fool not so long ago. 

"You know I wasn't paying attention before but now it is stronger. You are definitely in heat." He says and I start to panic. If he can't resist my scent then his wolf will take me right now in this forest and I think I'll let him. 

It's not like I was running fast when Xander tackled me. I wanted him to catch me. 

"Calm down. I won't do anything to you. Except in my head." He says and I stop to turn and glare at him. 

"You're taunting me.." I say and he laughs at me. 

"And you're not?  I mean your scent is very inviting. Can't blame the poor wolf for trying even if it's just to tease." He says as he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. He sniffs my bottom and growls. 

"Oh Sabrina, if I didn't have to save you from my pack members, I'd try to take you right here, right now." Xander says and I start kicking and screaming. 

"Put me down right now Xander!" I say and he spanks my butt. 

"That's for not calling me alpha." He says before I could ask and I scoff at him. 

He spanks me again and a moan escapes my lips, which earns me another spanking. I'm so lost in the feeling, when he puts me down and I realised we were on my floor, I blushed. 

"I see you like it rough...." He says to me with a full out smirk that I want to so badly remove by smashing my lips with his and having his tongue wrestle with mine. 

I lick my lips at the thought of his lips on mine and he doesn't miss that action. He moves closer to me as I move back until I hit my back on the door. He rests his arms on each side of my head on the door and growls lowly. 

"Lick your lips again..." He orders me and I do it. He didn't even use his alpha tone and yet I obeyed like a sex starved freak. 

"What is going on in that head of yours?" He asks me with that husky voice again. 

"I'm imagining you naked. I'm also thinking about how good it would feel to smash your lips with mine." I say and he raises his eyebrow at me. 

Clearly taken back by my boldness. 


"I'm also thinking about our little moment in the woods and how you pressed yourself on to me. You standing here shirtless and in sweats that show the outline of your manhood isn't helping." I say as I brush my hand briefly past his hardness. 

He hisses at my contact but then pulls away from me. 

"Get inside Sabrina. If we keep going like this, your grandfather will have to kill me because I won't be able to stop myself." He says and I shudder at the thought of him taking me right here. 

He turns around and walks away. I stay glued just outside my door until I see a a Male wolf walking up the stairs with his nose up in the air like he's trying to follow a scent. His head turns in my direction and I quickly open my door and shut it. 

My grandfather looks at me funny. 

"Heat." I say and Dorothy comes running out of my room to lock the door behind me. 

"You are not to leave this apartment Sabrina, do you understand me?" My grandfather says and I nod my head. 

"Yes the alpha sent me back here. I'll be in my room with Adrastos if anyone needs me." I say but Dorothy and my grandfather share a look. 

"Let me look after your son until this heat is dealt with. Trust me, you'll be in so much uhm, you won't have the energy for a newborn baby." Dorothy says as she walks with me to my bedroom and starts packing a bag for the baby. 

"Dorothy,why are you packing a bag?" I ask her. 

"I figured it would be best if I took the baby with me. I promise to look after him. I will take the baby monitors with me so you can check in when you get the chance." She says to me and fall back on my bed. 

"Is it really that bad?" I ask her and she nods at me. 

"Oh yes. I suggest you take a bath and get some sleep, when it hits you, it will hit you and you won't be getting any sleep." She says. I place Adrastos in Dorothy's arms after giving him a million kisses as my grandfather walks in to help her with the bags. 

"I'll also be leaving today little moon. It seems your nana is back and she wants to fix things." He says and I look at him suspiciously. 

"..And before you say anything, please remember that she is my mate and I still love her." He says while pulling me in for a hug and planting a kiss on my forehead. 

"Lock all your doors after Margot gets here. Your powers won't heal you on this. You might still have your strength so if any men try their luck, you kick their asses!" He says and walks out of my room. 

Just great.

Even my grandfather had to run away. I guess he didn't want to see what a sex starved Sabrina looks like and he would have to fight off every Male wolf here. Oh he was never going to stay. 


Xander's POV 

I had her scent all over me and it was driving me crazy. It made me feel like I haven't had sex in a long time and I was hungry. I was hungry for her. 

I have never experienced a girl in heat before and it was taking everything in me not to go back and fuck her brains out. 

"You left training early.." Lucas says to me as he walks in to my place without knocking. 

"Didn't I talk to you about just barging in?" I ask and he just shrugs. 

"Anyway, why'd you chase Sabrina in the woods and carry her in to the pack house? Is she here? You know Jade saw it all right?" Lucas points out. 

"Why does everyone seem to think Jade and I are an item? I enjoy her company in bed and that's that." I say and Lucas chuckled at my ignorance. 

I guess you can't call it that since I'm for sure aware that Jade is in love with me but I've told her on multiple occasions that it will never be for us.