"Everything is great! Max is amazing. He's just been busy with pack work right now." I say to Josey and her mates through Facetime.

It was all lies. Max wasn't busy with anything. Max has been the exact opposite of amazing.

I have been pretending with everyone in my family. Not one of them knew what was going on. They had no idea what I was going through. That under all the heavy make up was an under fed, unloved Sabrina who was left to fend for herself for 5 whole months.

"Keep safe Sabrina! See you next month for the sip and see.." Josey says to me. We exchange 'I love yous' and then the line goes dead.

I repeat the same thing with my dad and Cj before I go take a shower to remove all this make up.

I have not seen Max in months and everyone had moved out of this pack house to live in the newly built one. Everyone except for me. Max moved out and made it clear I was to stay here as nobody wanted to live with a traitor who had almost half the pack's men slaughtered.

Yes. My fears have manifested. They all blamed me for new uncles behavior. It was all his doing. Turns out, he had the same mind controlling power as me. He got to the warriors and finally to Max. I did not have my nana or mama's guidance on how to reverse it. I tried so hard but nothing. Nana has gone missing and now new uncle too. After creating all of this mess, he ran off. The moon goddess was silent too, go figure! I should've known she only makes herself known if she wants something in return. Besides, she told me to kill him and my stupid morals got in the way

Like I said, I was all alone.

Tristan was the only one new uncle didn't get to as he was away and only came back after. I explained the whole situation to him and he's been making sure I'm okay and he takes me to human territory for my pregnancy check ups as the pack doctor refused to see me. He's all I have left in this pack. Uncle Deacon was with my dad helping Cj with his alpha duties so I couldn't exactly tell Uncle Deacon of Max's behavior without alerting my family.

Max has taken a new girl. They make love every night and if it wasn't for my strength and healing powers, the baby wouldn't have survived. Athena has gone off to the back of my mind and I don't blame her. He took a new Luna and marked her. We are all linked now and she makes it a point to share her thoughts with me. I can see her memories.


Memories of her with Max making love. Memories of her and Max running in their wolves. Memories of Max feeding her as she sits on his lap in the new dining hall. Memories of her with my man.

The man I loved.


I cried every night. You'd think I'd run out of tears but every night my pillowcase would be soaked as I endure yet another night of pain thanks to their non stop shagging. I was alone in this. Yes I had Tristan but he had his own life. He also had his duties to the new Luna who kept him busy enough not to spend too much time with me. By the time he gets to me, he's so exhausted, I just let him sleep it off.


Today, I decided to go for a run.

I decided not to link Tristan as there was yet another pack meeting and I was not invited. I took that time to put on my gym gear and go out for a run. I ran around the house and into the woods for that much needed fresh air. Athena needed it since we couldn't shift. She took comfort in knowing that since Max chose a new mate, it hasn't rained. Which meant that they weren't blessed with child and I always remind her of how Cj was born.

The goddess can do no wrong in Athena's eyes.

I ran to clear my head. Clear my head of worrying about Percy who was exiled from the pack and I had to watch from the window in my room as Max smiled up at me.


Percy surviving as a rogue? 



I just hope my grandfather received my message in time to help set him up in human territory. He hurt me but I'm a forgiving person. Everyone deserves a second chance at life.

I ran because even though I couldn't train, it was imperative that I stay fit so I'm prepared for anything. Max can decide to banish me too and I needed to stay strong so I can protect my son.