I was angry. I wanted blood.

The idea of letting this man live was far from my mind. I couldn't. I wouldn't.

He killed my mother and I can't let that slide. I was here to end him. I was here to finish what my nana couldn't. He let so many wolves die. Innocent wolves who did not deserve to see such a fate from him.


His one son and his rogue pack raped women in front of their pups. Reginald raped and then killed Natalie Woods. My luna. A woman that was nothing but kind to me.

His own son. It's pretty obvious he got his gruesome ways from his father. Men like that did not deserve to live. They deserved to spend eternity in whatever hell the moon goddess had in place for them.

"Sabrina, please stop this. It doesn't have to be this way." Nana says to me.

I turn my head and growl at her. My nana. She is the reason we are all in this predicament to begin with. This man here was her spawn and she knew what he was capable off but ignored it. She could've saved mama but she didn't, instead she was begging him.

"You could've saved her. She did not deserve this. She is dead because of you." Josey says to her. Every word she said broke me because it was true.

I walk up to my grandmother, stopping right in her face. Our noses almost touching.

"You could've saved her. Removed her from his grasp and take her somewhere safe. He's the one that had a problem with you, he should've killed you." I say to her.

I hated the fact that I hate my nana right now. Goddess I'd just met the woman. Yes, granted, we spent 10 years in training but it's not like I saw her every day. In fact, I hardly saw her.

"I hate you for this. I don't know if I'll ever forgive you but for my grandfather's sake, I'll keep you alive." I say to her. I walk away from her only to notice that Reginald senior was winning the fight against his kids as the twin sisters were lying on the ground.

Do they ever win anything? They've spent the entire time today on the ground.

Josey jumps in on the fight and punches new uncle. He staggers back, clearly not expecting that. Before he can straighten himself, Josey comes at him with a spinning kick. Reginald falls to the ground where Josey straddles him and starts punching him. It's punch after punch as tears start falling down her face. My nana screams at her to stop but Josey pays her no mind.

Taylor and Reggie junior shift into their wolves and start biting at new uncles limbs. Taylor bites at his arm and new uncle roars in pain and utter annoyance. He pushes Josey off him and releases his insane power. His little kids cower away.

I release my power, all of it. Taylor and Reginald regain their posture and stand ready to attack their father. Josey gets up from where she was and gets ready to fight back.

"Wait!!!" Nana says and we all turn to look towards her.

"This is my fault. If you want to end anyone Reginald, end me. You must know I had to let you go to be with the moon. I never meant to abandon you but our work never stops." Nana says.

"So Reginald here is doing all of this because he has abandonment issues?" Josey and I ask in unison.

This guy.

Does he know we didn't grow up with our mother too?! 

I turn to look at Reginald senior and I growl.

"You mean to tell me that you killed so many people because my grandmother left you when you were younger? Did you even consider that it was the same for us? I grew up without my mother but you don't see me killing people off for the heck of it!" Josey says to him.


I growl in agreement.

"You killed my mother because you were abandoned? My mother was abandoned too!! We were abandoned too!" I say to him in exasperation.

This is too draining but it was time to pull out the big guns. I was done playing nice.

I turn to my nana and have roots come out and keep her in place.

"You stay where you are. Trust me when I say, you stay out of my way unless you want to share the same fate." I say to nana.

Josey stands in front of her to keep her from stopping me from what I'm about to do. I turn my attention back to Reginald, my new uncle.

"One, I had my heartbroken. My mate, who was supposed to be my whole world broke my heart because of your shrewd plans. Plans so selfish that you ruined my life!" I say to him as I have a gust of wind throw him up in the air and bring him down hard.

"As if that wasn't enough to ruin a teenagers dream...." I say to him as I throw him up again and bring him down hard, this time having a root spear him through his stomach. He coughs out blood.

He tries to get up but I throw him up again.

"Two, your son and his rogues  rape and kill pack members! Innocents that did not deserve what you put them through!!!"  I say as I throw him down again. This time, roots come out from the ground and pierce through each of his legs. He howls in pain but that won't make me go any easy on him.

I throw him up again and he shifts through the lift but stays up because I will it. He wants to heal and we heal quicker in our wolf form. I was not going to let that happen. Once he's almost healed, he shifts back, which was probably a terrible idea.

I throw him down and have roots go through his stomach again. I do it three times, everytime waiting until he was a little healed to put him through that pain again.

I throw him down one last time and approach him. I put my hand through his stomach wound before it heals. I use my power to stop him from healing, slowly pulling apart his molecules, ready to blow him up into nothing. He started screaming in pain, nana was screaming at me to stop but I couldn't.

Besides the fact that the moon goddess wanted me to end him, he had killed my mother when I'd just gotten her back. He was the brains behind so many fallen wolves and his one death, wouldn't bring them back but it would end the evil that resides in him.

Am I a killer?