We were all shocked to see him walk right through the magical fire that Taylor couldn't. Who was this powerful male that just appeared suddenly? 

And why was my nana so scared? Who was this guy that rendered my gran speechless? 

"How do you suppose we do that Mr?" I say to him and he chuckles.


"Taylor. You had one job." He says turning to look at the young look alike.

"Father. I was getting to it but your witch wasn't very useful." He says pointing at a very unconscious Vera.

"I don't want to hear excuses. I was ready to make you a king!!" He says to Taylor.

Taylor stiffens when the man raises his voice at him.

"Father, I will win this fight!" He says to his dad? 

"Whoa. Talk about fucked up families." Josey says out loud and then covers her mouth when we all turn to spare her a very deadly glare.

"I am here for the destroyer. I really don't want to kill anyone right now." He says to us.

I chuckle out loudly. He looks at me incredulously for a minute and then he grabs my nana by the neck and squeezes.

My nana doesn't fight back.

I grab Taylor by the neck too and imitate the strangers actions.

"You kill her, I kill your son." I say to him. It was his turn to chuckle my way and I send him a tight lipped smile.

"He is not my only son little girl." He says to me. "However, I think this is your only grandmother. Am I right?" He says to me with amusement clear in his eyes.

"Yes she is. You're forgetting one thing though." I say to him. He cocks his head to the side showing an interest in what I had to say.

"I will see her again. Will you see him again? Oh and about your other son, he's not himself at the moment. Loyalties have shifted" I say as I shake Taylor who is trying very hard to get out of my grasp.

He looks at Taylor but he doesn't meet his father's eyes. He shifts trying to get out of my grip still, trying to look at everyone but his father.

"Taylor, what is she talking about? Where is Reginald?" He asks his son.

Taylor growls at the unconscious Vera.

"Little Reggie is fighting on our side. He's on my team. He actually tried to kill Taylor not so long ago." I say to the man. He looks shocked.

"Taylor...." his father says. Taylor's eyes snap up and to me. Giving me the world's deadliest glare ever.

"They did something to him. They kept him locked up and hypnotized him somehow." Taylor says through gritted teeth.

I tighten my grip on his neck for that remark.

His father looks at us then at nana who is still not fighting to get out of this man's grip.

"Nana fight him!" Josey shouts.

"It's clear something is going on here so why don't you just kill her? We will see her again anyway." I say to the stranger. Josey looks at me like I've grown two heads.

I just shrug.

"Oh you mean in your dreams? I've been trying to do that, but mother here has not come to me." He says.

I drop Taylor roughly on the ground in shock. He smiles at my action.

I look at my nana then at my mother who has her mouth open so wide in shock. I look back at my nana and then at the stranger.


The resemblance was there. It wasn't strong but yes, the resemblance was there.

The eyes.

My mother's eyes. I look back at my mother and I see the same eyes. I look at Josey and I see the same eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me!!" I say out loud.

"Oh I'm not kidding my little niece." He says to me and I scoff at him.

"I am NOT your little niece." I say. My tone was not very convincing as I too wasn't sure what was going on.

Great response Sabrina0 points to new uncle.

He let's my nana go. She falls to the ground gasping for air.

"Your grandmother knows why I'm here. They've known for a while now, haven't you mother?" He asks.

My grandmother stands up. She looks around all of us and finally resting her eyes on this estranged son.

"Hello Reginald.." my nana says to him.

First name basis.

Well they clearly know each other but just how far does this really go? Why is this uncle of mine trying to kidnap me for my power.

If he's the all powerful, then why does he need me? 

"Tell them!!!" He screams at my nana and we all take a defensive stance around nana.