"Mate" said Cj to Arianna.

Arianna moved closer to Cj and looked into his eyes.

"I understand now.." she says and turns back to look at her sisters who all share a look.


She turns around to face Max and I as she nods. Then she turns to look at her mate.

"You..." she says to Cj. The look they give to each other reminds me of the look Percy and I shared when we found out we were mates.

Reminded me of the look my father gives to my now alive mother. The look the twins give Josey.

The look Max gives me. The look he has been giving me all our lives. I look back at the new love birds.

"I've been having dreams of Cj and now I know why. I have drawings of him in my room because I couldn't understand why he was invading my dreams every night but now it makes perfect sense." She says to us.

The sisters all stand together.

"Our mother sent us here. She has visions and one of her many visions was the war that is to come. She must've known Arianna was mated to Christopher. That is was important we be here today." Said Ariel.

I had to meet this lady seer. What an exceptional gift to have.

I shifted my focus back to my brother. He has a beautiful mate and I can't wait to see them happy together after all of this.

With everything that is happening, I was happy for my brother. Love is finding each of us and I'm so glad we all get to experience it.

I walk up to Cj and pull him in for a hug. I was over the moon for my brother.

The timing couldn't be more perfect. We needed witches we could trust and maybe being CJ's mate might work in our favor.

I walk up to Arianna and pull her in for a hug.

"Welcome to the family. We can all get to know each other after defeating what's to come. Right now, that takes precedence." I say to her and the sisters as I pull away from the hug.

"We understand. Our mother sent us here so we can protect the pack that is touched by the moon." Arianna says and I look at her confused.

"We know where you come from Luna. We are to help in anyway. We know of your strength but from my mother's teachings, Vera doesn't play fair. She is sneaky and we believe she is already here with us disguised as someone else." Arianna says to me.

Ariel walks up to stand next to Arianna.

"Where are the witches from the north covenant? I can feel their aura and it is a little tainted. I believe they have Vera with them and she will kill them all unless we stop her." Ariel asks me.

"They are in the forest. They said they had to prepare for Vera's arrival." I say and they all share a knowing look.

"She is going to do a blood sacrifice. Astrid, Andrea, Azania and Arrow, go into the forest and block any dark power that eminates from her." Ariel says and the other girls immediately run into the woods.

She turns to me.

"I need to perform a protection spell on you and the future prince. Then Arianna will perform a concealing spell since Vera knows what you look like now, she probably also knows that you are with child too and has notified the Locke family. It is important that you do this, for the future prince. You will only look different to others but not to yourself." Ariel says to me.

Is this girl telling me that the lady I almost ripped to shreds in the office was Vera?? 

"You mean to tell me that I've met Vera already?" I ask her and she nods at me.


"Yes. My mother had a vision and we knew of her plan. She saw the outcome of what was to come if we didn't intervene so here we are." She says and I step away from them all. I grab Max and CJ with me.

"How do I know you're not Vera?" I say and Max releases a warning growl at them after hearing my question.

Cj takes a defensive stance in front of me too. Arianna looks between Cj and Ariel.

"No no no. We mean you no harm. I promise!" Arianna said looking at me. Panic etched all over her face.

Ariel raises her hands in surrender and slowly moves back from me.

"I don't know how I can prove to you that I'm not Vera. If I could, I would. We mean you no harm at all. We are here to protect the prince, that is all." Ariel said.

"What prince? There's no prince here. Who are you talking about?" I ask Ariel and Arianna.

"The pup in your belly. He is a prince. Maybe not today but very soon he will be." Ariel said to me.

"We have to protect the prince at all costs and make sure he doesn't end up in the wrong hands. The Locke family can't find him." Arianna says to me.

"Why is my son so important to you?" I ask Ariel and Arianna.

"We don't know yet. We just know it is vital that we protect you because the future of all the supernatural depends on him. It will be a fight between good and evil and if he ends up with the Locke family, evil wins." Arianna explains.

"Do I ever find peace? Will I live my life war after war?" I say in a whisper tone but everyone seemed to have heard me.

Max pulls me in for a hug. Will I ever get to raise my son in peace like most wolves in packs? I couldn't even run away and play human long enough. Now my son was thrown into this life and he is still not fully formed in my belly.

"I'm sorry Luna. We will do all that we can to make sure that the Locke family don't succeed and if we have to kill them, we will. You are to be protected at all costs." Arianna says to me.

Cj seemed to relax at that and so did Max. Arianna looked at Cj with such longing and I had to let them get a few minutes in to be together.

I linked Josey, telling her that Cj met his mate. She squealed through the link.

How. How does one honestly decide to squeal through a mind link!?...

"Arianna, I don't want to keep you away from my brother any longer so let's get these spells done so you can spend some time with him before it all falls down." I say and she nods enthusiastically at me.

We walk into the pack house and in the lounge.

The sisters started chanting and moving around while we all just looked at them. I have never seen a witch do their thing so this was a first for me and I won't lie, I was a little spooked.

A whole wolf of the moon and I was stupefied.

I had lost track of time as the sisters were at it for some time. When they said they were done, I looked up at Max and his eyes were all bulged out.

"What is it?" I ask him..

"Well, you're not you. " he says to me and I look at CJ who's got the same look on his face.

I ran to the mirror and I still saw myself.

Arianna chuckled lightly.

"You won't know what you look like but you look different. That's just to hide you from Vera so you cannot be seen close to Max." Arianna says to me.


"Where am I supposed to be if not next to my alpha?" I ask the girls.

I look at Max and he looks just as confused as me. Scratch that.