Max had become crazy protective of me since finding out I was carrying his pup. Even when sleeping, he'd keep me close to him all night.

Send help. I am suffocating.

I'm only a day in this pregnancy and I was starting to miss my freedom.


Max woke me up to take a bath. When I walked into the bathroom, the bathtub was already filled up with water and my favorite bath foam.

He scrubbed me clean and also washed my hair. He then carried me out and dresses me in his shirt and my leggings. He tied my hair in a very neat bun and then we walked back into our room where he gave me my vitamins with water.

I had no idea wolves needed vitamins. Was he just being fussy!?.

We were now sitting having breakfast in the dining hall and he was feeding me.

If you thought it wasn't so bad...

He had the cooks prepare my meal separately from the rest and even had the gamma taste the food first before I would eat in case someone tried to poison me.

I don't know how I was going to survive the coming 6 months with this man.

Josey says I can't blame the poor guy with him being a lycan alpha and with what was to come today.

There was a sombre mood in the dining hall this morning. Not one person noticed Max's extra attention towards me.

Today could be the day that they attack as we all peacefully ate in silence. Everyone looked deep in thought and who could blame them, It's hard not to be fearful of the Unknown.

My grandpa barged into to hall with my father. Behind them was Reginald and Scarlett being carried in as they were unconscious.

"We found them at a motel close to the diner. Had to knock 'em out to bring them here" my grandfather says to Max and I.

"His family?" I ask..

"No sign of them. Couldn't catch a scent of anyone but Scarlett and the rogue" my father responds.

So they still believed we had him locked up and I guess now we do.

Max told the warriors to take them to the dungeons and to notify us when they wake. I had to read his mind to see  what he's been up to if we want to keep the upper hand.

Max gently nudges me to stand and he stands right after me. He clears his throat and clinks his mug with teaspoon to get the pack's attention.

"It is time to prepare for war. We don't know when they'll be here but it's always good to be prepared. Everyone, to your stations." He says in his commanding alpha tone.

People started leaving the hall as we waited. I needed to talk to my mother so I made up an excuse that Josey and I needed to spend a few minutes with my mother as we don't know what this day has in store for us.

The thing is she had a plan in case we happened to lose this fight and we couldn't let the others know. Only myself, mom and Josey.

Before I could even link her, my mother approaches our table.

"The hunters are here. They say they spotted wolves close to the border. It's time." She says.


Celine and her family were briefed in on the coming war and they offered to help without any mention of my uncle mating with Celine. This was Celine's home and that they will only fight their own kind.


She was well known in the witch world for using dark magic. She is a powerful witch and it could be difficult to stop her as dark magic feeds off chaos and bloodshed.


They made no promises but said they'd try to subdue her for some time to let wolves be wolves.

We couldn't argue with that.

After my mother told us about the hunters, everyone decided to go get ready for what's to come. We all said to meet up outside the pack house in 5min.

After a long argument about my safety with Max, I rushed into Josey's room to find my mother, nana and Josey there.

"Sabrina, You need to remember the plan. You cannot be around Max for this plan to work." My mother says to me before I can even close the door.

"Yes. We will all shift into our wolves and drag Reginald's family away from the fight. I will not shift in front of Max" I say.

I did not like this plan but my mother convinced me that we had a better chance at winning if it was like that.

Gifts and powers.

We all had different powers and they could help us but our wolves were stronger and that's what we needed.

We agreed to run in our wolves all the way to no mans land and fight them there. Apparently the moon goddess had a plan for them that my mother wouldn't share.

Josey and I had an inkling this would happen. My mother made sure we agreed to this plan as if it were to happen.

"Why don't we just do it the minute they arrive? Or are you hoping to get Max and the twins busy enough to not notice our disappearance?" Josey asks what I was just thinking.

"I mean, let's be honest here. Max will not let Sab out of his sight now that she's carrying his pup and do I need to remind you that I have twin mates who won't want me out of their sight too? This could backfire on us " She points out.

"I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope we don't have to expose ourselves to them but you must remember that your duty is to protect these wolves. You are all descendants of the moon and this world is only temporary. Your work is with the moon, not just this pack. We remain selfless at all times, carrying a pup or not." My mother says. Emphasizing the last part.

"We die for them you mean?" I ask my mother.

"If it comes to that, you will die in this world but your place with the moon goddess will always remain. That is our life." My nana answers me. My mother cups both my cheeks, looking into my eyes..