Max had everyone searching the woods and the land but we came up short. There was no sign that anyone had gotten through undetected.  I could feel it through our bond that he was frustrated they couldn't catch one scent.


We were gathered outside by the training field for our alpha to speak.

Max had linked everyone to be here for an important meeting. The entire pack was here.

"Lycans, we under a serious threat. An enemy has given us 2 days before they attack and we have to be prepared. This is a new enemy who has people working under him, namely, alpha Cane. Although he's not the only one. This pack is strong, clearly fearless and willing to kill to get their point across." Max speaks out loudly for all to hear.


Low murmurs could be heard all around us. We were standing on a circular podium and the rest of the pack was surrounding us.

"They almost attacked your Luna in the woods today so it is important that we take some safety measures immediately. Like I said before, I need the pregnant women, those with no training, the medical staff and children to take refuge underground. You are to wait in there for a whole week as we do not know if we will be successful or not. I do not want to lie to you all and say we will win this, I have no idea what these mutts are capable of so we will leave nothing to chance." He says to us.

"Will our luna be joining us underground for support and comfort?" One pack member asks and everyone looks at me for an answer.

"I'm afraid not. As it stands, I am the strongest wolf in this pack and I will fight for all of you alongside the alpha.

The wolves we are fighting are using black magic to fight us and we need all the strength we can get. So all the trained wolves, male or female, will fight." I say back to the crowd of people looking at me expectedly.

"Why are they attacking us?" Another pack member asks. I was about to answer but Max beat me to it.

"They want to rule over all werewolves. Even us, lycans. They have chosen a king and so far, they have defeated a number of packs" he says and people start talking among themselves.

"Do not be afraid. Have you not heard what I said? They defeated other packs not this pack. We are LYCANS!! WE DO NOT BOW DOWN TO A MERE WOLF! Now I urge you all to go pack and say goodbye to your family members who will be fighting in this war. I cannot guarantee lives won't be lost but know that I will be there with your loved ones, fighting for our home." He says and everyone nods.

They all leave to go to their houses or the pack house to either pack up and get the kids or gear up for what's to come.

I really wanted to tell them that those mutts were looking for me. That they wouldn't be in immediate danger if I gave myself up. It would grant them a few years before they were attacked.

"But by then, you'd have given them an army we cannot defeat. Right now we stand a chance against them." Maximus says to me and I look at him wide eyed. I forgot we had marked each other and now he could read my thoughts.

"Please don't think like that. You won't be saving anyone if you hand yourself over." He says pulling me in for a hug.

"I won't surrender. I know what that will do and I can't do that to you. I just hate keeping things from them.. I just hate that they're in danger because of me." I say to him.

"Baby don't you get it? They were coming for us with or without you. You're just the cherry on top. If you hadn't been there when I was fighting that rogue, we would've been under their control already and I wouldn't be alpha anymore." 

He was right. They wanted a monarchy so they obviously had to attack this pack to force them into submission so they could rule. If I handed myself over, I'd be making it easier for them to defeat the packs and gain control over them.


I couldn't do that to any of them.

"We need to meet up with your dad and the others in my office to talk strategy. We really don't have a lot of time." He says and I nod. We walk hand in hand back to the pack house to his office.

As we walk in, we meet my brother at the office door. He had on his nerd glasses and I knew then that boy did not come to play.

Max closed the door and went over to sit on his chair and then placed me on his lap as we face everyone. My dad, Josey, uncle Deacon, Cj, Damon and Nicole.

"Max, do you have anything to say before we all throw in our suggestions for the war to come?" My father says and Max looks at me.

"Well, I'm worried about Reginald. We sent him off to go meet up with his family but his family seems to think he's here." I say and it seems to sink in on everyone. How did they not meet at the diner? 

"Do you think they'll go to the diner now just to see if the rogue will be there?" Josey asks and I shake my head.

"I have a feeling they were here to spy. Reggie was taking on a lycan pack and that alone is a big deal. They've obviously been keeping an eye on us and for that man to say I should tell my alpha means he knows Reggie failed. So he has no idea we sent Reggie to meet him at the diner and if they do, they'll figure out we did something to him. They will know I did something to him. They will know I am here." I say back to her. Now they'll know I'm here and will be coming for me.

"That can't be a bad thing. They'll probably think we have a witch in the pack, we actually do. They won't even think that it's you Sabrina." Uncle Deacon says and I have to say, that makes sense.

"Celine..." Max says to his father and uncle Deacon nods his head.

"Celine was born from a witch mother and a wolf father. Her mothers side of the family could aid us in this but they'll want something from me" uncle Deacon said...

"Let me guess, they want you to mate officially with Celine." My dad said to Deacon.

"Yes well I am a man in demand." Uncle Deacon responds.

"Ok so uncle Deacon will marry Celine to save the pack. Now on to more suggestions?" I ask looking at everyone.

"Hey! I never agreed to mating with Celine" uncle Deacon says and we laugh.

"For the good of the pack uncle Deacon. Now, I can install heat and motion detectors at the pack lines and hidden cameras around. Will need about 10 warriors to run surveillance and I can teach them everything that I know." Cj chimes in and my dad beams with pride. Cj was supposed to be the future beta and boy was he prepared.

"I will also need an additional 10 warriors to fly drones that will shoot the bad guys but we will need to wear  something that reflects in the sky so the drones don't shoot everyone in the fight.  Every fighter in our pack needs to wear these bands on each hand and each ankle. They will stretch if one shifts so even in wolf form, they'll remain intact" Cj says as he pulls out one band from a backpack.

"Wow Cj, I'm impressed" josey says to him and we all nod in unison. This little brother of mine has been hard at work preparing for this. I knew we were all uneasy about this but I'm feeling really lucky to have all these people in my life.

"Josey and I will be the surprise element. I think you all need to remember that they could mistake her for the destroyer too right?" I say and I feel like it just dawns on them that Josey is gifted too.

"She needs to be protected too. If anything, she needs more protection. I'll fight alongside Josey. We just need to make sure that we remain surrounded but not enough to raise suspicion." I say to all of them.


"That makes sense. They can't know you are under our protection." Max says and my father nods.