We made it to the dungeons. I followed Max to his mothers cell. I noticed it didn't smell as bad as the first time we came in here and it looked a little cleaner. I guess he wants his mother to be comfortable even if she's locked up.

We make it to her cell and find her awake, looking at her son. Max opens the cell and we walk in, closing it behind me.

"Good morning mother" Max says to his mother. She smiles at him and he shakes his head to keep a stoic expression and avoids smiling back at her.

"You remember Sabrina,right?" Max says to his mother as turns to look at me. Her eyes register my face and she gasps loudly but quickly composes herself and nods.

"Yes, yes. I remember Sabrina. I always thought she would be your mate. As children, you were both very close and protective of each other. I'm so sorry to hear about your mates, both of you." Scarlett says Max and I. I shrug and walk closer to her.

"It's ok. That's been dealt with." I say to her. Assessing her and trying to sniff out her scent.

"Has it?" She asks with an eyebrow raised at me. She then looks at Max and then starts laughing.

"Don't tell me you finally found yourself in my son's bed? Don't you know he is just like his father? Oh honey.." she tries to caress my cheek but I step away.

"Mother, you know better." Max says stepping closer to me and standing by my side. I had forgotten why I was in here in the first place. I cleared my throat and looked into her eyes.

"Scarlett. We need you to tell us everything you know about Reginald and his family. Their plans and missions. Have they captured the girl that threatens their cause?" I say to her.

She smiles at me.

"Ahh taking the Luna position very seriously I see.. your mother would be proud. You do look like her you know. I was so jealous of her when we were younger. All the boys fancied her, even Deacon. It was such a relief when she found her mate." Scarlett said to me.

"Mother, we don't have time for this." Max said to her. She turned to him and sighed out loud.

"All I know is they will be looking for their baby brother. He is their little loose canon. They keep tabs with each other mainly to keep tabs on him. They know he attacked this pack so if they don't hear from him then they will be paying you, Maximus, a visit." She says to him. She doesn't look my way at all.

"Mother..." he says to her.

"Fine! Look, they are very strong. Two sisters and two brothers including Reginald. The eldest will be king once they have rule over all the packs. They are each in different parts of the country trying to do what Reginald is doing, forcing alphas to submit. I guess Reggie got too cocky and lost this fight. Anyway, they have a witch with them. She helps them with their strength. They have to keep drinking some elixirs to maintain their strength so I'm pretty sure Reggie is a weak old wolf now since he's locked up and chained in silver." She says to us.

"The witch is very powerful. She scares me and you know Maximus, I'm always the one to jump into a fire but not this one. I suggest you kill Reginald and dump him on human land before she performs a locator spell and it all links back to you. You do not want to mess with Vera." She says and shivers after saying her name.

"The girl in their prophecies.." I chime in. I needed to know all about it.

"The girl that is to stop them and end their cruel reign. Well they haven't found her. They believe the girl to still be a child, meaning she has not met her mate. They will have the eldest brother mate with her, with Vera's help and bring strong soldiers in to the world. The new alpha king that will be stronger than your normal wolf." Scarlett says to me. Finally looking at me since she started talking about Reginald


"Is that all?" I ask her and she nods, still looking at me. As if trying to put me together, assessing me.

"You're the girl aren't you?" She says smiling and I knew then that she knew. I walked away from her and as I was about to walk out, 

"Wait! Vera's plan will only work if the girl is untouched. I am no male so I cannot smell your virtue. Are you a virgin Sabrina?" She asks me and my head snaps up to Max's who is looking at his mother in confusion. She starts laughing again. Laughing to the point where she's out of breath and tears are falling on her face.

"I was wrong Maximus, you are nothing like your father. He must be so disappointed" She says and then turning to me. Her eyes warm and caring?...

"Vera needs you to be a virgin for the spell to work. For he to fool you into thinking Reggie's brother is your mate, she needs you to be pure. I understand that this is not ideal for you and I guess now you have a decision to make." She says to me.

I walk out of her cell and out of the house. I immediately take in a deep breath and let it out. Tears falling down by face.

Another bomb thrown at me. Now they wanted to rape me and fool me into thinking I have another mate.

I felt someone's presence behind me. I turned around to see my mother.

She walks up to me and pulls me in for a hug.

"I can't do it mama. I can't just throw my virtue away like that. I also can't have a stranger taking my virginity. I can't let them decide for me. No one should decide for me!" I say still sobbing as I hold tighter, afraid she'd disappear.

She pulls away and wipes my tears with her hands. She then grabs my hand gently, 

"Come. Walk with me? I think it's time we had a mother and daughter conversation." She says and I just follow her lead as she leads me into the woods.

We walk through the woods and make it to a clearing where the lake was situated. She sits down on the grass and I do the same.

"When my mother, your nan was brought into this world, she was brought in as a human. She was raised human and had no idea that she was from the moon directly. When she was 13 years old she met the moon goddess then, who happened to be her mother. She was confused like any child would be because she believed her parents to be human." My mother says to me.

"She didn't see the moon goddess until the day she met her mate. Before she met your grandfather, your nan saw the moon goddess, who told her what would happen today. Her powers were also activated but she was not allowed to use them as werewolves would think she's a witch as she had no wolf in her." My mom said. I had questions but I wanted her to keep talking.

"Your nan can change the weather. If she was upset, the clouds turn grey. That's how your grandfather knew of her mood swings after he found out about her true origin. Anyway, after having me, my mother had to go back to be with her family. Her job was done. Then there was me, I came in as a hybrid. Half wolf and half human." Mother says with tears in her eyes. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Opening them to show calmness.

"See Sabrina, my powers were activated whenever I was around wolves and that's why I couldn't stay in the pack. That's why we moved into human lands and I was able to stay out of trouble. Your grandfather had to move back to blue moon as I was told my mate, your father, was there. I stayed in boarding school but would visit from time to time until I met Christopher." She says.

"I had you but I still couldn't stay and then I had Josey. I knew I was going to endanger us but I couldn't be without my babies. Suppressing my power was eating me alive and eventually I couldn't go on like that so I decided to go be with my other family. The moon family." She says to me..