I couldn't sleep. My mind was trying to find answers to all the questions swimming in my head. This was all too much to take in. Why would Percy say all of those things? How can people look at me now? I am an abomination. I shouldn't be here right now in this world. How can I be the cause of such uproar? Why are people killing each other just to get to me? 

A tear escapes my eye. I don't even  bother to wipe it. I'm too lost in my head to be bothered by anything else. I can't seem to comprehend all that was said about me. I have a flashback of the meeting we had in Percy's hospital room....

"You are all wondering why Reginald was so adamant in taking over packlands. You're all wondering how one rogue alpha can bring us to our knees. Well, he's not working alone." Percy said to us.


"He is part of a family that want to take over every pack land. They believe we need a ruler of all alphas, a king of alphas. Reginald lost the plot by trying to take over the packs and have them to himself. This hasn't gone unnoticed by his family but their main focus remains bringing their idea to life." Percy said looking at Max.

We are all quiet, just looking at him. Not one person had a question but that's because we felt that what he said next would answer them all. He ran his hand through his hair.

"They are a very wealthy and strong family. They have immense strength. I've never seen anything like it until I saw you Sabrina." Percy said looking at me.

"At the ball, when I felt your power, I thought you were one of them but I immediately let go of that thought because you weren't fighting their fight. Anyway, they have a prophecy. It's been said that there is a great force that will put an end to their power and reign. A girl will rise up and their strength won't hold up against this girl." He said still looking at me.

"The girl is said to be strong and gifted with  powers. They will all fall by her hand if they step in her way." Percy grabbed my hand looking at me. Max growled but I gave him an assuring smile.

"Sabrina, I think that girl is you. I think you're the one to stop them. In their pack they call you the destroyer, the one that wants to stop their plans for a united front where all wolves bow to one king. They have no idea what you look like but with Reginald's disappearance, they'll assume you have started killing them off." He said to me.

"With the prophecy out there, their plan is to make sure it doesn't happen but also capture you. The prophecy says that your power only grows and can destroy millions. You are a weapon and if they find and capture you, they plan to create unstoppable children. Children they will train to become unbeatable. They want the one blessed by the moon goddess, you." He said while squeezing my hand.

"Brina, you carry a power within you that they want to harvest for themselves. If they catch you, they won't need anything else." He said to me and I forced my hand out of his grip.

"I'm not some object to be passed around. Even if they have that prophecy, the girl couldn't be me. I barely scratched Reginald as it is." I said to him.

"You were the only one to subdue him. You are not a killer and this is your first war. You didn't expect him to be so strong and you're still only a girl. I don't know anymore than I am telling you, all I know is that they want to capture you before you are able to stop them and out a halt to their plans. They want to take over packs so they have warriors at their disposal so they can fight you and capture you." He said to me

I started to shake in my bed and tears were now falling out one after the other. This was all too much.

I can't be the girl he's talking about.