Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 7 The big change

We were officially moved in to the manor. Grandfather couldn't be happier with all of us being around. This was a big change for us as we are so used to pack life but Max initiated us all into his pack so we wouldn't be rogues although now our lives were in human territory.


My dad had helped some warriors settle in the town apartments and was going to start a security business with the warriors as security detail.

We had ample land around the manor so dad was going to turn some of it into training grounds for his warriors who had left the pack when he did. I'm sure more people were going to go to neighboring packs to look for new homes. This would make Blue Moon vulnerable and prone to attacks.

Max dropped us off before driving off to pick up his mother at the airport. I can't wait to see her again. She was beautiful when I was younger and I'm sure she still is.

After the maids helped me with all my things and my closet was well stocked, I decided to take a nap. Tomorrow we were going to anew school and humans have a different kind of system in their schools. The school hierarchy according to my neighbor who introduced himself as

Freddie says There are the jocks, with a mix between girls and guys which I think is cool. Then there's the cheerleaders and dancers, which were the popular kids squad that everyone bows to and some nerds, hippies and a few other popular kids who are popular because of their last name, their beauty or wealth.

Josey was so excited as we didn't have that in blue moon. Obviously we were the beta girls so popularity wasn't a problem. We just never picked on someone for having brains or being obsessed with star wars. I mean I don't watch it but I get it. I'm obsessed with cartoons.

I woke up around 5 to get ready for dinner and go see mom about our school uniform. We had been accepted to my mom's old school.

Apparently my nana made hefty donations to the school while my mom was there and she also attended. My family has been attending the same school for decades. The headmistress also said she was a scholar with my mother and my family has about 5 generations of history there. That was pretty cool.

I freshened up and put on some shorts and my converse sneakers. My tummy made some noises signaling me to feed myself and on that note I left my room to go eat. My mom cooked and it smelled delicious!

"Oh mama it smells amazing!! I can't wait to dig in" I say to her kissing her cheek and then walking into the dining room to kiss papa and grandpa.

“Thank you Sab. Ok everyone dig in".. she said and we didn't have to be told twice! The food was so good, I had to get seconds. My Remi was a great cook. She loves being in the kitchen and sometimes I help. I don't like slaving in the kitchen as I'd call it but I'm a pretty decent cook with

Natalie and Remi's training.

We all finished eating so Cj, Josey and I cleaned the table and went in the kitchen to wash the dishes and all. Once that was done, we walked to my parents room to get our uniform for tomorrow. Mom handed them to us to go try on.

Dad was still downstairs with Grandfather as they were both enjoying a glass of whiskey and cigars. This is a trait my Grandfather taught my dad and they said when Cj turns 18, it will be something they'll all do together.

We all went to our rooms to try on our uniforms to make sure they fit.

It felt so weird thinking this is what I had to wear Monday through to Friday. I wasn't used to it and I'm sure my siblings felt the same. How would people perceive us? Would we get instant popularity just like at Blue Moon or do we have to work our way up the food chain?...

It didn't really bother Cj though. He was more excited about the robotics lab and playing lacrosse. Josey was begging me to try out for cheerleading with her but I'm more of a hide behind some food kind of girl. I guess now that we won't be training as hard since we are all human, I had to find a sport to keep fit.

I hung my uniform and decided to shower and go to bed. I'd have to wake up early tomorrow so dad can drop us off. It was going to be a long interesting day.

My alarm went off telling me it was time to get up and get ready for school. It was 5:30 AM and I wanted to kill myself for not fighting Max hard enough on getting us into his packs school. They had to attend from 9am while here humans thinks its sane to be at school at 7:30.

I get up with my eyes still closed and walk into my bathroom. I strip and jump in the shower and that wakes me up. I dry 

 myself. I got dressed. Idon't put on any make up as I'd like to assess how the girls are there before I go crazy. It's better to blend in than stick out because it was bad enough that I was going to be the new girl.

I walk into the kitchen to find grandfather eating breakfast alone.

I walk up to him and kiss his cheek and give him a hug. Then I dish up for myself and sit down to eat.

"Where's mom and dad?" I ask him. Wondering who cooked breakfast if mom wasn't around.

"They had an emergency. It seems a lot of the warriors arrived early this morning at the airport and your dad had to go sort out their accommodation. Remi left with him to help however she can so I'll be driving you to school.’ Grandpa says.

"Oh wow. Does this mean blue moon is without it's warriors?" I ask and grandpa nods while reading the paper.

Josey and Cj make an appearance. They take a seat and also ask about mom and dad. I answer them and we continue eating. We all finished and cleaned up then followed grandpa out the house.

I took a look at my Ferrari, missing the days of driving around in it. Sigh...

A black car drove in through the gate. It was a maybach. It stopped right at our feet. My grandfather looked at us and smiled,


"You kids didn't think I was actually going to drive you right? I have golf in 30min in a different direction" he says walking away towards his Range Rover.


The driver opens the door to let us and Cj jumps in the front passenger seat. He introduces himself as lan who will be driving us to school from now on. We greet back. Eventually we make it to school and we all look out the window.


This was no school. This place looked like a college. John Crawford Preparatory School written in golden bold letters on a brick wall.


Kids coming out if bentleys, BMW's, Mercedes Benzes. You name it.


went to school. It was crazy how all these kids looked


to get our attention and


here at 3pm sharp. If you have any extra curricular activities, please put it in your calendar app which is linked to mine. I will then know of your school activities and when to pick you up and drop you off. I am only your chauffeur for school activities, social activities will require


to figure


it from there? They should be expecting us."


into the school and immediately everyone goes quiet when they notice us walk in. Asking each other who we were,


was going to be tough. People were going to whisper to each other about us and we were going to have to ignore them.


a lady at the front desk busy on the phone. She is a ball of insane energy on monday and Christopher's kids


standing there. She beams and jumps a little at our


the Trent kids am I right?" She asks and


all so good looking it is bat crazy. I don't know


headmistress will be with you shortly. Please take one of these tablets to


down the subjects we did at our previous high school, the sports we played, our hobbies and interests. It also showed the classes on offer for each of us and we could choose but it will be decided according to the marks we obtained at our previous school. You had to pick two


statistics for math, advanced biology and advanced physics for science, economics and world history for social studies, I'll take French and Mandarin for foreign languages as that's what I chose


I had the same. We always joked around that we were twins. Cj picked


us and gave


messages?" The lady asked. So that


headmistress Adams" said


Trent kids to


history here. Come to my office, I have a lot to tell you about your


her friends about it. We were her best kept secret. She told us all about the school and how it works. She explained our schedules and that


to take part in.


which actually shocked her but she wrote it down saying she will run it by the coaches who will then let me know


if allowed, he'd like to try for that too. After we


to Josey and Cj as I turned to look at


Sabrina" she says then taking a look at my schedule smiles and says I'm in all her classes. We could spend


girl which makes me an outcast" I say to her and she laughs at


instant popularity but with these subjects I don't know. You might be called a nerd” she smiles then we both


the way out of the office. I wave goodbye at Sandy and she smiles at me while she's on the phone. I follow her as she shows me to my locker and I put my bags in. We had register period which was where our assigned teacher for


weren't a lot. It was


my acceptance letter from the headmistress. The teacher


Let's all show some respect while she introduces herself. Welcome, I'm Teacher Grace. I'll be your register teacher for the rest of the year. Please tell us your name,


years old, I'll be 16 in a month. I love outdoor activities and keeping fit. Thank you."


do?” A girl from the front asks and I smile


I love to hike or walk in the woods. I love to exercise outside. I practice jujitsu and krav maga. Oh I'm also a car


Grace chimes in, "Have you been doing it illegally then

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