Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 4 It all comes down


I dragged Max to his room and shut the door. He was going to tell me what was going on and if I had to punch it out of him I would.


"Max, why are you letting these girls think you and I are an item?" I ask him. Taking a seat on his couch as he sits next to me.


"I thought they'd stop trying to get the luna title out of me. I'm a guy Kim but I know a diamond when I see one and none of these girls do it for me. I'm sorry you're getting the glares and snide comments. I didn't think it would get that far but it's stupid of me because the very same thing happened with my mother and all the females my dad was shacked up with.” He said.


"Max, a little heads up would've been great. I literally ran away from my pack to escape the madness only to find more here." I tell him.

"What happened to your mate Max? Why are people saying she’s around?" I say that remembering when I went into the kitchen earlier to get bottled water and two girls made it a point to tell me that I'm nothing but the next piece of ass and I shouldn't get comfortable in the Luna


seat as it was already reserved.

"I don't want to talk about Kim please don't make me" he says. I needed to know though. I had to find out why he wasn't with her.

"Max, I'm not letting you go anywhere until you tell me what happened" I say sternly. Folding my arms for that added effect. He sighs in defeat.

Three points to Sabrina!

"I met Elise same time Tristan met Bella. They are sisters. That's why Bella was acting the way she was towards you. You've got to believe me when I say that Elise is evil and manipulative Kimberley.” He said.


I've seen Max hurt, angry and sad but right now he just looked lost.


I scooted next to him to give him a side hug. It felt like he had more to say so I kept it shut so he could continue.


"When I met Elise, my father was still alpha. You know about the annual alliance ball my pack hosts right? You weren't here last here or

you would've met her. She's cute Kim, you'd think she means well until you actually get to know her..." he says.


"My uncles brother, Darryn who is also an alpha of his own pack came to the ball with his twin sons. They are both going to be running the pack together when he steps down. Well Elise slept with them both. That's how I knew what was happening with you, I felt it too. Although I pushed through the pain thinking something was wrong with her. I ran around the pack looking for her... Only to find her in my cousin's chambers doing the deed." He said dejectedly.


"I walked over to them and broke the whole thing up. I was so angry, I beat the guys up to the point where they were unconscious. Elise ran out but I caught her in the woods. I asked her why and she said they promised to make her their Luna. They told her my father was broke and my uncle was only here to help my dad get out of debt. She knew we were broke Kim, she slept with them because she had no intention of staying with me.” Max let out.


I guess he couldn't stay seated anymore so he stood up and walked to his window looking out to the woods running his hands through his hair to ease his frustration.. I didn't know what to say. Looks like we both got matched with the wrong kind.


"She's having their baby Kimberley. It was raining that day. The moon goddess blessed their union but the twins want nothing to do with her now that they've found their mate." Max said turning around to look at me.


"When did that happen?" I asked Max. Curiosity tends to get the better of me, especially when I know I shouldn't be asking questions.