Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 2 What to believe


I walked out of my room, heading for the stairs when our house helper, Carol stopped in front of me. Carol had been our cook and cleaner since before I was born. She even helped raise my dad.


Carol was my father's Ralyn. She was an honest and caring lady but disrespect her and feel a mothers wrath.


"Good morning little moon. I'm so happy to see you out of bed” Carol said as she grabbed my hand.


"Morning Aunt Carol. I had to get up at some point right? You can thank Josie and mom for that.” I only responded to her because I was raised it is polite to do so. I had no energy to make conversation but its Auntie Carol.


"I found this in your mother's study while I was cleaning in there today. Wear it, it will give you the strength it gave her when this pack didn't recognize her as Christopher's mate. It was a gift from your father.” Carol put a golden cross with an infinity symbol in my hand. It was simple yet beautiful.


In that moment, I remembered my mothers words and hugged Carol. My mother might be gone but her ghost sure knows when to show up I thought

to myself.


"Thank you Carol. Three generations of females in this family, the pack giving us problems. Only this time I am a full blooded wolf and still they take my mate from me." I say trying hold back the tears.


I chuckle nervously looking anywhere but at Aunt Carol and when my eyes land on her she looks at me with pity.


"Not you too Auntie. Don't give me that look. I don't need you looking at me like that. I can't stand it.” I cracked. A single tear drop escaped from eye.


"I'm sorry little moon. I've just been around to see your grandmother get the ill treatment and then your mother. It breaks my heart seeing it happen to you when our alpha often said how happy he was that you were mated to his son." Carol said.


"If we keep talking about this, I'll burst and we don't want Josey to kill you for ruining my face now. Let me get this over with. Can you help me with this?” I handed her the necklace to put around my hair as I lifted my hair.


"There. Now you look just like her.” Carol said with a twinkle in her eye as she wiped the stray tear from my face.


"She was a very beautiful woman that Kimberly”


"Thank you Aunt Carol. It is beautiful” I gave her one last hug.


"All your bags are packed and loaded into the car. I hope you use the time to find the strength your mother found even when she was in pain. She is after all your mother, you should take after her.” Carol pointed out.


"I will. See you soon Auntie. I will send pictures” I hold her hand again and kiss her cheek. "Bye old moon" I giggled because I haven't called her that in ages. That was what I called her when she called me little moon. It only made sense. I shake my head laughing as I descend the stairs sniffing the air for my mates scent. I followed it all the way to my dad's office. I knocked 3 times signaling to my dad my arrival in case he didn't catch my scent which is impossible but it's happened once.


"Come in Sabrina’ my dad calls out in his ‘all business tone’.


I take one final deep breath, roll my shoulders and then I walk in. First I notice Josey sitting on our kiddie couch to my left and Cj standing next to her. Straight ahead I see my father sitting in his chair and mom standing next to him rubbing his arm in circles. It must be hard for him with me locking myself up in my room and my mate looking just peachy. No weight loss, not an eye bag in sight. My mate, to my right, his eyes turning dark when they reached my chest. Men.


The alpha seated right across the table from my dad. He turned around to give me a smile, I didn't return it. I had no intention to exchange sweet words and forced smiles with my betrayers. I was here out of respect for my dad.


"Alpha Charley, Percy.” I give them each a nod in their direction as I make my way to greet my father and kiss him on the cheek.


"You look beautiful Sab.” Percy said as if questioning himself, still giving me the once over again.


"Yes Sabrina. You look like you're going somewhere. " the alpha said sending a glare to his son.


I chose to ignore Percy. I would ignore him because if I didn't tears will fall and I will not cry in front of him. I won't show him what he's doing to my heart.


"Yes Alpha Charley. I'm visiting my grandfather for a few weeks, maybe months. Would be nice to go get some fresh air, away from here." I say..


Percy's scent was driving Athena mad and she kept trying to take control and mark Percy in our human skin but we couldn't show them that. I was also fighting the urge to fall to my knees and cry in front of Percy. I looked at my father pleading him to let me go as my eyes flicked colors showing him my internal battle.


"I did not know about this but I think it is an excellent idea. It will allow you the time to fight the bond while Percy spends time with his chosen mate.” Alpha Charley said.


A growl came from Percy's side and we all looked at him but he was looking at me. His eyes looked glassy and for a minute maybe even a second I thought he felt a fraction of what I was feeling. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he had a calm manner to him.


"I agree with father. I can't have my wolf fighting me on this. See Sabrina, my wolf recognizes you as his mate but I don't. I think it's best you allow my wolf the time to get to know Ralyn without your scent lingering around.” Percy spat out.


My brother and father growled. Loud gasps from my sister and Remi were heard too. I think something was even dropped right outside my father's office door. I can't blame them really. If I wasn't me, I'd also want to be a fly in the wall of my dad's office . I knew then if my heart wasn't broken, it broke right there. On the floor for all of them to see. Shattered. Stepped on. Crushed to even tinier pieces. This is that subtle rejection. His human side rejecting me.


My face kept a calm tone. Void of any emotion just as my dad trained me when facing an enemy, not to show that I was in pain. I used that training

now because I needed to. Percy was not going to embarrass me in front of my father, my mom and my siblings. He will not win. I straightened my posture and cleared my throat because I knew if I didn't do that they'd be able to hear the crack in my voice. I didn't trust myself not to break down.


"That makes sense.." I said. “I will be gone for some time, giving you the much needed time to bond with your chosen mate. I will be back for your ceremony and I expect you to reject me before then, which I will gladly accept.’ I said looking at Percy who looked alarmed like he wasn't expecting me to say that.