Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 51: Love Wins Eventually...

Love Wins Eventually...


I have been on earth for some time now and I've had to learn the ways of an earthling the hard way.


From living with humans for only a day because my aura could not be explained to becoming a rogue. Who knew being a loner was such a bad thing on earth?


I finally found a pack, belonging. It doesn't feel like home or bring me any closer to my true mate but it is a stepping stone.


The pack members are nice. Very meek and don't start any trouble.

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They have no idea who I am or what sort of power I possess, all they know is that I don't smell like a rogue but I also don't belong to a pack.

Telling them where I come from would make me sound crazy so I'll keep that to myself for now...


Finding a pack to accept me was not difficult at all. I had to find a pack that was weak and had an old alpha, lucky for me I found one with no future heirs.


Suggesting the males in the pack fight for the alpha position was my brightest idea, quickly earning me the alpha position. Not one of the pack members was ready when I unleashed my power, having all the males step away from me, declaring me the alpha due to my strength. I was honestly disappointed because I thought at least one of them would fight me for the position as I'm just a newbie but I guess not.


We are now gathered here for my celebration, today I will be known as the new alpha. People are all drinking enjoying the festivities that come with celebrating the new alpha but this pack needs to focus on other things, say strength and protection.


I guess I can press on that some other day. If rogues were to attack now, they would not stand a chance with me so lucky for them I guess. All my years and years of training will eventually pay off, just not for my own gain but for this pack.