Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 47-2: The Beginning Of The End (2)


Josey's eyes turn red, revealing her vampire. Cayden looks at her in fascination and maybe something even softer?


"Let's get this over with.” Hunter says as he enters Cayden's cell and places Clayton on Cayden's bed.


Cayden inspects Clayton's wounds, touching them before his fangs pierce through his skin, right on his shoulder.


The process doesn't even take a minute. I get a flashback of when Hunter was in this position, my heart stopping for a second.


The idea of not getting to know him and then him being killed by a vampire, I was hurt. I didn't tell him how watching him fall to the ground made me feel, I never told anyone but my heart broke.


I just don't know how to start this relationship as father and daughter with him.


Cayden steps away from Clayton, nods his head at me to signal that his job was done. Josey walks out of the cell carrying a very weak Cherisse. Cayden kisses his sister's forehead before Josey walks out with her.


Hunter carries Clayton out of the cells too, leaving me with the vampire king.


"Look, I'm sorry. I'm definitely out of my league here with everyone having magical powers and insane strength but Josey is my only hope. Humans do artificial insemination all the time and it works, I just need her eggs and her body to carry my child. I need an heir, I need someone to live for." Cayden says to me before dropping on the bed.


"The amulet, I needed the amulet back when my wife agreed to carry my children but I was not so lucky. I was born like this, I grew up like this. Why do I need to be punished any further?” Cayden asks and I sit by him on the bed.