Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 47-1: The Beginning Of The End

Josey's POV

"What if I turn them?" I ask looking at my mates. They were breathing heavily with their chest wounds still bleeding.

Arianna gasps as Hunter growls.

"I think we have enough hybrids in the werewolf world. You do understand that your children will be hybrids? Thus creating an entire new species without a realm to monitor it." Hunter says. The elder coughs and we all look at him.

"I don't mean to just insert myself in this conversation but I have to warn you. You are a deity, half celestial. Just like your mother, Kimberly.

Your mates are earthly beings so if you turn them into vampires, they will not be able to walk in the sun like you.” The elder says to me.

I can't lose my mates, how will I survive this life without them? Why did I take this awful mission!?

"No offence...No offence Babe, but I don't want to be a vampire.” Clayton says and a tear escapes my eye at his words.

"You are dying. If you die, I die! I can't have Chase without Clayton and I can't have Clayton without Chase. I need you both!" I say through sobs and frustration.

"I'd rather die than become a creature of the night. I am a proud lycan, I will die a proud one." Chase says to me and this surge of anger runs through me.

It was indeed coming from my vampire.

"You would rather leave me and die, leaving me to face this world alone and without your children to raise! I have to watch Elise raise her son to take over my pack. I would run around the world to be with you but you won't do the same for me." I say, defeated. My wolf was howling.

My heart was breaking.