Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 46: Give Me Blood

Sabrina's POV

I have to save Clayton and Chase, they can't die! Even if it takes all of me, they will heal. My sister won't survive this, who can?

This was the violence Cayden was talking about?

Trying to force our hand?

I'll give it to him, he had power in the human realm and it ran deep but it can only get you so far. I don't care if he's the vampire king, vampire god, today I will be having his head for dinner.

Trying to save the twins would be possible but I'd just endanger all of us if I pass out now.

I disappear with the twins, landing at the castle doors. Evan waits for me with men dressed in red robes, who take the twins from me.

"We will save them. Go save your sister's pack." Evan says to me and I nod my head in agreement. I head back to where I almost lost my two brothers, their blood still fresh on the grass.

Josey was deep in the fight, snapping necks and breaking spines. She smashes a head against the wall, over and over again.

What she does next isn't surprising for me but it will be for her when she breaks out of this blackout madness.

Josey feeds for the first time.

She sinks her fangs in to the human's neck, draining him of blood.

She continues to do so, draining every human of blood. One body on top of another, drained of blood. Her eyes were a bloodshot red, her vampire present for all of this.

This certified her vampirism.

She may be doing it out of anger but she was now more a vampire than before. She had tasted blood and I am now worried about her.

Would she be insatiable? Would she change to what Thomas said they all become when they are turned?

Obsessed with blood?

I am frozen in place, just looking at the scene in front of me. The hunters would try to flee but what's the point in running from a vampire?

Josey was killing these hunters easily. It was a one man show and they stood no chance.

I see a hunter aiming his rifle at Josey, not wanting to hurt her, I throw a fireball at the hunter, who is then engulfed in flames as he runs around screaming until he drops dead on the ground.

This breaks me out of my thoughts, yes it was troubling to see Josey drinking blood and straight from the neck but goddess knows I'd go crazy if Xander's throat was slit in front of me.

So instead of just watching her, I will help her.

I will burn every body that drops on the ground after her violent feed, one by one. I will be on the lookout for any hunters who will try to use weapons to defend themselves.

Josey was in a trance, her body was in a fit of rage that I have never seen from her. This was not the giddy Josey we all know, the one that makes jokes and has the room in better spirits, this is a new Josey and she was troubled.

Get in her way and there was no telling what she will do to you.

A hunter threw a grenade Josey's way but I threw it back to him with a gust of wind. He was standing with a few men around him and they had thought this would save them but boy were they wrong.

The grenade explodes, body pieces flying around and an arm landing on my feet. Josey hears the explosion and looks at me, she looks me up and down and then proceeds on her mission to kill Cayden's messengers.

She has forgotten that I am immortal, earthly weapons are no match for me. I'm just her guard, to make sure she lives to see tomorrow or even later and I will bring her to the castle so she can confront the vampire king.

I was angry but if anyone was to kill that man, it was Jose. She has suffered enough and besides that, this was her mission so she must finish it. I just want his head for dinner.

I set the last body on fire as Josey drops to her knees. Her mouth covered in blood as it drips down her chin, her fangs still showing.

I rush to her aid, pulling her in to my arms as she breaks down.

"They are fine Jose. They will survive this." I say and she cries on my shoulder.

"I.. I didn't... I didn't think... that... he..would come... for my... my mates like that.” Josey says between sobs. I hold her tighter, not sure what to say.

I feel movement behind me, Josey and I pull apart to see Cherisse just walking up from her slumber.