Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 44 Call Me To Sanity

Sabrina's POV


"So you are telling me that Josey is the queen of vampires?" | ask as Anthony takes a bite of mother's lunch.


“Yeah, she did not get in to detail about that as she had a pressing matter. She asked me to ask mother something actually. Mother, do you know a woman called Shadow?" Anthony asks Mother.


Her eyes bulge out and she drops her fork.


“I'm guessing that name means something to you? If it does, then Josey needs you and Sabrina to make your way there as soon as possible." Anthony says and | look at mother, who looks like she has just seen a ghost.


"Who is Shadow?" | ask looking at my mother but she remains quiet.


"Shadow is the woman that saved your mother when she fled our realm trying to protect you." Hunter tells me as he sits down to join us for



“If that's the case then we don't have time to eat, Josey needs us and we are leaving right now." | say standing up.


X, I'm off to save Josey. It appears she has some answers and a way to prevent the war. I'll be safe, | promise." | say to Xander over mindlink.


He was helping the pups train every day during lunch. To say things have been easy with us would be a lie, our relationship was strained and with my true mate being somewhere on this earth was making it worse.


| really want to be with Xander because he's the one man that allows me to be who | am and he respects me. His love is warm, it feels like home. He is amazing with my son and when Max is around, he's super chilled. He even helps Max out with Adrastos whenever Max is struggling. | really hit the mate jackpot with Xander but | can see how this true mate thing is troubling him. It troubles me too and | hate that this had to happen now with all the other drama. this is my life.


My love life has never been easy. | wonder, if | do end up with my true mate, what problems will we have?


‘Okay love. Let's not bring back any more vampires, yeah?’ Xander says and | chuckle by myself.


Everyone stands but my mother remains seated.


"Mother?" Anthony calls out and she shakes her head.


"| know | got Shadow killed, she told me it would happen when she helped me but she did it anyway. How does Josey know of her?" My mother asks and | let out a sigh.


“That's what we need to find out and save Josey!" | say, getting frustrated.


“Look mom, we don't have enough time. The vampire king can walk in daylight with the sun high up in the sky and he knows who Josey is. She also said if you go there then that would prevent the war looming over us so | suggest we go, now." Anthony says and mother looks at him.


“Come on Kimberly. Let's go finish this." Hunter says bringing mother to her feet and disappearing. Anthony and | follow right after.


| followed Josey's essence and arrived in a room that smelled like gasoline.


On the chair was Josey who kept playing with a lighter and on the bed was a passed out man.


"This is interesting..." | say looking at the man on the bed.


Josey looks up to see me and rushes to hug me. She squeezes so tight.


"Too tight." | say with a strained voice. Hunter, mother and Anthony arrive right after as they also take in the room.


“Thank you Anthony, for getting everybody here." Josey says and Anthony just smiles.


"This is Cayden, the boy who has years of pent up anger and hatred for mother. Cayden is Shadow's son and when Shadow helped you, she was Carrying him. Shadow was cursed to give birth to a demon child, who drained his mother of blood from the inside and killing her. Doctors had to cut her open to save the child not knowing they had just released a vampire in to the world. The man that you are all looking at, is the first vampire, the vampire king." Josey tells us.


Cayden stirs on the bed, his body waking. He jumps off the bed to attack Josey but she throws him back on the bed, holding the lighter in her hand.


Cayden looks around the room, shocked to see so many faces.


"Finally awake my king! Oh | was worried | killed you there..." Josey jokes but Cayden half smiles.


Josey and the vampire king have chemistry. It's there and his smile even though they both want to kill each other, proves it.


"We have guests so I'd appreciate it if you would sit up. Like you know, sit like a king. Would you like some blood to reenergize?" Josey asks and Cayden nods his head yes.


"No. That will not be happening! Gross. Okay so the older man over there is father, the man Thomas tried to turn in to a vampire but | took the venom instead, you're welcome. The younger boy is Anthony my brother and his twin, Sabrina. The older woman is Kimberly, the woman your mother saved." Josey says and Cayden looks at mother.


His body was changing color, going from crazy pale to a shade of blue. He looked frozen, cold. The room went cold and | looked at Josey who

just shrugged.


"Okay people! Just make sure he does not touch you. If he does, your limbs will be frozen. Trust me, I've been there and it is no fun." Josey says but we were all just looking at Cayden as his body emits a cold, it was as if we were standing in a freezer.


A knock on the door kills the deadly vibe that Cayden was giving off as he calms down, his body changing back to pale. The door opens to reveal a young woman, a human.


"It's done." She says while eyeing all of us before closing the door of the room. Cayden smiles and that smile alone told me he was up to something.