Nobilis of War

Chapter 1346 Battle With Powerful Fiends

"Humph! You'd better watch yourself. You are dancing with death!"

yelled another powerful fiend, boiling over with fury.

This particular fiend's strength was only slightly weaker than Archie's but comparable to that of a cultivator at the upper-level of the Celestial God Realm.

"Xavier, let's show him to his doom!"

Merle's eyes ignited with excitement, he was almost frothing at the mouth with the prospect of merging with a fiend of such strength.

The fiend made his move before the Rule Soul Avatar even had time to respond. He was certainly more bloodthirsty than the rest.

He strode over, the whole prison rumbling with his every step. The powerful fiendish aura began spreading like large, puffy clouds.

"Step back!"

the Rule Soul Avatar said to Merle in warning.


The fiend pounced, his massive claws pounding at the Rule Soul Avatar ruthlessly.

But the Rule Soul Avatar had managed to conceal himself and dodged the attack.


He responded with a bolt of tribulation thunder that fell on the fiend's back.

The Rule Soul Avatar immediately summoned the five black pagodas. The black pagodas circled the powerful fiend, tens of thousands of vicious black chains extended from them and whipped at him.

An intense feeling of fear and dread began building in the depths of the fiend's heart.

"It's the scent of Flaming Hell!"

All other fiends backed off, terrified by the aura.


The one under attack, however, would not give up so easily after putting up a fight. He would not allow himself to be taken. After all, he had the strength of a master at the upper-level of the Celestial God Realm, which was much more powerful than Turan's.

He gathered his fiend power in an attempt to force the five black pagodas apart. In order to pull it off, he mustered all the power he could, hoping he'd be able to kill the Rule Soul Avatar in a single hit!

This fiend's strength was undoubtedly formidable. If the Rule Soul Avatar was struck, he would most certainly be reduced to ashes!


five black pagodas rapidly moved to surround

Bang! Bang! Bang!

into the black pagodas. The force that rebounded back was

"Order Penetrating."

Soul Avatar gave a name to his Order


string of dark red Order Law pierced through the


was so incredible that it split

be so impressive, not even its user, the

it did have a flaw. Even using it for just one attack left him feeling as though his

as powerful as a cultivator at the upper-level of the Celestial God

wonderful. He's much better than I am!' Merle sighed to himself.

actually at the same cultivation level, but the Rule Soul Avatar was much

They could not understand how the Number Three fiend of this prison had been killed


he a highborn fiend?' they all began wondering in stunned silence. As far as


for the destroyed fiend's body, activating his Merging

together and

time he did it, because the

me! Kill

stand this any longer. He bellowed his order but got no response. None dared to

that if they rushed at such a powerful

didn't move either, but released a burst of Resurrection

I guess I will have to kill you with my own two

else moved a muscle, he would have to do it himself.

grew larger and larger. He was a giant by the time he had stopped growing and was armed with thick scales and a curved

the Rule Soul Avatar's help, Merle was able


the Rule Soul Avatar even had a chance. He raised his diabolical


Archie that his dead assistant would come back to life this

blow hit him in his chest with a


his head filled with nothing but the

struck out so fast that Merle


coldly, releasing the

thousands of black chains flailed and slashed out like tentacles. The

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