Nobilis of War

Chapter 1344 Order Law

When the Rule Soul Avatar released his Spirit Power, he sensed that the two humans' auras were incredibly strong. However, something powerful had sealed them.


Before he could probe further, the Rule Soul Avatar perceived that two pairs of eyes hiding behind curtains of messy hair were looking at him with a strange expression.

"Are you a human?"

A husky voice that was almost hard to discern echoed in the Rule Soul Avatar's mind.

The Rule Soul Avatar trembled. It was astonishing to learn that the human could tell his identity from the Spirit Power he released. This was enough to prove that the two humans were stronger than he expected.

"Yes, I am,"

the Rule Soul Avatar responded.

"Leave here now." The husky voice warned the Rule Soul Avatar.


The four red-scaled fiend gods escorting the two humans seemed to feel something and suddenly shouted.

In an instant, four powerful fiendish senses enveloped the area.

Hundreds of thousands of fiends in the valley quieted down. Many even fell to their knees and trembled with fear.

The Rule Soul Avatar shuddered as well. He quickly recalled his Spirit Power and quietly hid among the fiends.


As they didn't sense anything unusual, the four fiend gods raised the dark-red chains in their hands and whipped the two humans.

The Rule Soul Avatar's eyes widened with astonishment. His observations showed that the dark-red chains had an extremely strong law force, which had a powerfully negative effect on living beings.


Curious, the Rule Soul Avatar lowered his head and secretly activated his silvery eyes.

As soon as he began to pry into those dark-red chains, his soul quivered.

The hidden power in the chains was mightier than any law he had ever seen.

'The Order Law?'

Avatar was aware of such a law, but he had

only to the Balance Law and the Time

the dark-red chains contained low-level Order Law, an attacking

law, the Rule Soul

he acted rashly, his identity would be exposed, and he would undoubtedly

Avatar became increasingly anxious as he watched the four fiend gods disappear. He knew this opportunity would vanish once they left. Although

would give him a chance to come into contact with that

a flash, he deduced a million possibilities

'Cause chaos!'

a state of chaos would distract the fiend gods enough for him to study the

around you," the Rule Soul

"Are you crazy?"

He couldn't believe what the

hide you,"


you do as I ask," the Rule Soul Avatar implored.

even the slightest mistake, they would both be doomed. He finally chose to follow the Rule Soul

Bang! Bang! Bang!

his maximum speed and flashed across the area. Several fiends were knocked



immediately, the fiends around him began

whole valley filled with fiendish

gods, who hadn't gone far, immediately stopped!

powerful human Defiant Masters, the fiend gods had to be vigilant. Any hint of danger or disturbance would trigger their fear that

"Damn it!"

once again. The force was so intense and overwhelming

Bang! Bang! Bang!

force crushed several weaker manic

sense of urgency, the Rule Soul Avatar quickly commanded his strong Spirit Power to cover the dark-red chains in this

chain, his soul hurt as

pain coursing through his soul and forcefully activated his silvery eyes to study a bit of the messy and complicated


their fiendish sense. In

Soul Avatar realized that a strong

trying to

kill him. However, if he recalled his Spirit Power, his soul and silvery eyes would

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