Nobilis of War

Chapter 1340 The Fiends' Land

Merle glanced at the Rule Soul Avatar.

"You're adept at applying the laws. I believe we'll find a way without alerting the fiends to our presence."

"Yes. We'll use the Copying Skill."

The Rule Soul Avatar had already weighed all the options and decided that it would be best to use the Copying Skill to transform themselves into fiends. This way, the powerful fiends on the land would not detect their invasion.

However, if they wanted to use the Copying Skill, they had to find fiends to imitate first.

"Why haven't you started yet?" Merle questioned impatiently.

"I'm waiting."

As they couldn't cross into the fiends' territory, they were forced to wait and see if any fiends passed by.

It didn't matter what level the fiends' strength was. Any fiend would do as they could easily imitate the fiends, cross the boundary, and then find stronger fiends to use the Copying Skill on.

Merle was restless, but he had no choice but to wait.

"They are coming."

After waiting for over ten days, the Rule Soul Avatar detected the approach of a group of fiends.

Upon probing more, he sensed that at least a thousand fiends were headed their way.


Merle couldn't wait any longer.

However, the Rule Soul Avatar shook his head, placed a hand on Merle's shoulder, and gestured for him to wait.

It was inadvisable for them to enter the fiends' territory rashly. They had to wait for the group of fiends to cross the border.

They waited with baited breaths. However, this group of fiends did not leave their territory. On the contrary, they bypassed the place where the Rule Soul Avatar and his companions were hiding and went deeper into the land.

"Eh? Why is that most of them are females?"

Jenifer perceived that most of the fiends in the group were females. Judging from their appearance, they were first-class beauties from the fiend race.

A gust of wind suddenly blew over the fiend race's land. The Rule Soul Avatar had caused it.


His white robes fluttered in the wind as he leaped into the air, exposing himself to the fiends.

"It's a human!"

the fiends were still three kilometers away, they immediately spotted the Rule

to invade our land. Let's

fiend soldiers immediately darted

humble human! How dare you spy on

roared as they tried to surround the Rule Soul

soon as they neared, their eyes widened with shock, and they

could do anything, the Rule Soul Avatar had killed the

"Copying Skill."

and his appearance to match the

more like it." Merle was finally

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

three then headed for the

"What horrible humans!"

skill, the few fiend guards, who had stayed with the female fiends, became wary of the

quickly leave our

to Emperor Yushua as gifts. If you dare to mess around, the respected

fiends that were accompanying the maids panicked. These three humans were powerful and could avoid the

of him. He's just an ant," remarked Jenifer.

kill humans at the Celestial God Realm.

eyes twinkled with joy when he heard about Emperor Yushua. After all, he needed the strength of warriors at the Celestial God Realm to merge


fiend guards' heads fell

to your destination. If you dare to reveal our

he released his powerful

as they had just been caught from remote areas. They were so petrified

after, the Rule Soul Avatar activated the Copying Skill and changed their appearance to

"What happened?"

rumbled, and a voice reverberated in the space above the

and Merle frowned

have been spotted." Merle prepared

"Stay put."

Avatar, however, was relatively calm.

a pair of fiend claws tore through space,


fiend must be terribly mighty if he could

Rule Soul Avatar lowered his head and greeted.

intense pressure and directed it toward the three humans who were disguised as guards.

humans we encountered while passing

of the three fiends lay. To ensure that they were not discovered, the Rule Soul Avatar had used the Copying Skill to change

fiendish sense to check

How dare they intrude into our land? It seems that they have been at peace for too long and miss the terror of bloody scenes." The tall fiend

out of

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