Nobilis of War

Chapter 1339 Reconstruction

A sense of foreboding filled Merle.

He wondered if the Rule Soul Avatar was going to kill him.

He couldn't understand the Rule Soul Avatar's rationale for such an extreme step, though. Both his soul and the Rule Soul Avatar's were from the real body. So if the Rule Soul Avatar attacked him, then it would be tantamount to harming himself.


When the raging law force descended from the sky's depths, Merle's eyes widened in astonishment. The Rule Soul Avatar was indeed going to kill him.


Since Merle had a body at the Celestial God Realm, he wanted to brave the attack head-on.


But as the law descended, he discovered that his physical body was insufficient to resist that mysterious law force.

As he had no defense against it, the law force coursed through Merle's body and reached his soul.

"Xavier, do you intend to destroy me?" Merle hissed with disbelief.

The Rule Soul Avatar was silent, and his expression remained cold. He released more law force and commanded it to surround Merle.


Merle fell to his knees as agony tore through him. He felt as though his soul was being ripped.

"Damn it!"

His face twitched as the torment continued. When he couldn't bear the pain any longer, Merle grimaced and rushed toward the Rule Soul Avatar. Anguish and bitterness were evident in his expression as he readied himself to attack before he lost consciousness.

"I will kill you!"

he swore through gritted teeth just before using the last of his physical strength to attack the Rule Soul Avatar.


The incoming blow did not faze the Rule Soul Avatar. He stayed motionless as Merle's fist neared. To Merle's astonishment, his fist stopped in front of the Rule Soul Avatar's forehead as though blocked by an invisible barrier.


Merle roared as several cracks appeared in his soul.

After he struggled for a while, his soul was torn to pieces.

trembled and finally fell on the

who was watching from aside, was shocked. Her eyes widened, and her hand flew to her

"Did you kill him?"

in the


this moment, Resurrection Force began to pour

involuntarily as he forcefully ripped a

and the wisp of the Rule Soul Avatar's soul worked in tandem to


jumped up from the ground. Although he woke with no memory of what had happened, his consciousness returned, like

the hell have you done

voice sounded much


the hostility in it, and infused a wisp of his soul with the hope that Merle's soul would evolve slowly

Then, all of a sudden, he changed the topic of conversation.

existence?" the Rule Soul Avatar asked instead

to protect Elsa," Merle replied honestly.

did not accept this explanation. He insisted, "Your ultimate goal. What is


question. That was when he realized that he had

help but begin to think about his

long silence, Merle said, "To

stronger creatures. As the chief gods were an existence superior to anything else in this world,

Soul Avatar was

successfully merge with a chief god one day, but find another more powerful existence, what will you do?" the Rule

No creature could be

I said,

the stronger creature as well," Merle answered without

our real body surpasses

Avatar asked. Merle trembled violently when he

was the real body? This possibility had never occurred to him. He couldn't answer because thinking

avoided answering. It seemed preposterous that the real body would surpass the chief gods. At best, he could reach the same level as

Soul Avatar was dissatisfied with his

Law or the real body was more capable of

the comparison was simple,

the Rule


began to pound, and his expression turned ferocious.

The Rule Soul Avatar added the pressure of several law

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