No One But You

Chapter110 You Had to Pay the Price!

Calvin and I stood in the corner of the dining room holding a cup of boiled water. I drank the water in one sip and turned the cup upside down, showing him that the water in my cup had been drunk.

He smiled lightly, "Do you think you are drinking wine?"

I held the cup in my hand and prepared to take it back to the room. I liked this cup very much. I had a habit that once I used something, I would continue to use it in the future and would not replace it easily.

Zofia often said that I was very dedicated and persistent. In the future, if I fell in love with a man, I would not change my mind easily.

So I was now quite sure that I had never loved Daniel, otherwise he would not be a fart in my heart now.

When I walked by Calvin, I felt that he had something to say to me.

Actually, there was nothing to say between us. There was no point in talking between the two of us.

He had his own wife and I had my own husband. I was not in his heart anymore.

I almost ran away from him. When I walked back to the room quickly, I found the light in my room was bright.

Brooke originally slept on the sofa, but now he was sitting on the sofa. He hugged his arms and crossed his two long legs. He looked at me with piercing eyes, as if he had already discovered me having an affair.

"Where did you go?" he asked somberly.

I showed him the empty cup, "Drink water."

"Is there no water in the room for you to drink?"

"If you can find a drop of hot water in the room, I'll eat the cup."

a cabinet door. He showed me a water purifier

he looked at the empty cup in my hand, "Do

was sneering. I held the empty cup and shook it in front of him, "I don't mind eating it, but I think your son will panic in

me, "How

it. Don't you

say it, but I subjectively felt that he should want a boy. After three years of marriage, his ex-wife

me, which made me tremble. At that time, I felt

hope it is a little girl. She will be as beautiful as you, but will

me. But the chill from his palm made me cold. Everyone's palms were warm, only his palms were

almost sleepy, I didn't want to discuss

and fell asleep deeply with my

did not fall asleep until an hour later.

lose all of his wealth within a week, so I was waiting for

it would not take a week at

didn't know how he knew my new phone number. Although Calvin warned me to stop answering his phone, I still

and leisurely, "hi, ex-husband, how are you doing recently?

loudly, with no sign at all. Fortunately, I was lying on the bed, otherwise I would be frightened

you, isn't it? Josephine! It must be you! Why did you have to

I knew he must have lost all

really admired him for daring to accuse me so confidently. His face was so thick that it was thicker than the city

want to look up the dictionary, I can teach you. There are several language problems in what you just said, and I will point them out to you. You actually think you have not offended

Did you let Calvin or Brooke frame me? Did you know that I was deceived by 10 million dollars overnight!" If Daniel stood in front

"10 million?”

calculating the money in my heart. Earlier I asked Brooke how much money Daniel got for selling me, Brooke said it

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