No One But You

Chapter109 How Does it Deel to be Kind to Bad Guys?

In the evening, I went back to the Knight house with Brooke. The Knight house was quiet, and Fairy Dixon was also very well-behaved. She sat next to Georgia for dinner.

Not surprisingly, Calvin still did not come back. Brooke and I had dinner outside, so we simply greeted the others and prepared to go back to the room.

When we were about to turn around and leave, Fairy Dixon's voice suddenly sounded, "Josephine didn't come back all night yesterday, where did you go?"

"Anyway, I was with Brooke. You don't have to care about where I have gone." I dissed her while grinning.

"What's the matter?" Georgia asked.

"I took Josephine to a party last night. Later, she was unwell and stayed in the hospital for observation overnight." Brooke answered for me.

"But it seemed you didn't take her to the hospital, right?" I didn't know how Fairy Dixon knew it was Calvin who sent me to the hospital. She was very jealous because of this.

If it weren't for me, she had been driven out of the Knight family by Calvin today. But she was still against me here.

I had nothing to say with such a stupid woman.

"I happened to have something to do at that time, so I asked Calvin to help me take her there. What's the problem?" Brooke looked down at Fairy Dixon.

Maybe Fairy Dixon didn't expect Brooke to plead for me, she was speechless for a long time.

I was already full, so I felt a bit nauseous when I smelled the aroma of a table of food. I turned around and left.

Fairy Dixon spoke ill of me in front of Georgia in a low voice, "Because Brooke is always protecting her like this, Josephine has no fear."

I didn't know what Georgia said later. I went directly to the room to take a bath and sleep. After washing, I came out of the bathroom. Brooke was sitting in the sofa reading a book. He looked up at me and said, "How does it feel to be kind to bad guys?"

He meant that I saved Fairy Dixon, but she instead attacked me.

I smiled and answered Brooke, "Because I am a human, I have to do what humans should do."

I lay on the bed and continued to play games. I brought back the game console Brooke gave me. I planned to play for another two hours before going to bed.

His phone rang, but he never answered it.

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