No One But You

Chapter76 She was pretending!

Her voice was floating. No matter how strong a person's psychological quality was, as long as she did something wrong, she would feel uneasy.

I glanced at her and continued to hum on the ground.

Brooke was probably terribly scared by me. He didn't know the extent of my injuries.

Calvin suddenly turned on the light in the living room, and the room was totally bright.

The crystal lamp was so bright that I could clearly see the anxiety in Fairy Dixon's eyes.

"Why are you all looking at me? What does it have to do with me?" She was still stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes.

Calvin looked at her, "Take out your cleansing oil."

She stubbornly resisted, "I didn't bring cleansing oil."

"Then what do you use at night?" I clearly saw that she put on makeup during the day, but now she was completely makeup-free.

She hesitated, "I use cleansing water!"

"Sophie Dixon." Calvin called her full name, and I could hear his tone full of impatience.

Fairy Dixon bit her lip and looked at him for a while, and then she reluctantly turned back to the room to bring the cleansing oil.

She took a bottle and stuffed it into Calvin's hand, "The bottle is full. I haven't opened it yet. Don't wrong me!"

Calvin looked down, and then stepped into their room.

Fairy Dixon stumbled to follow him, "Hey, Calvin, what are you doing? What are you going to do?"

Fairy Dixon's panicked voice came from the room, "Don't check my box at will. I said there was no cleansing oil, it’s not me...this..."

"What is this?"


It seemed that Calvin found the bottle of cleansing oil that had not been completely poured.

Fairy Dixon need to bring? She just went abroad for a trip, but she brought several bottles of cleansing oil. I continued to lie down. Calvin strode out, opened the bottle and

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Dixon. I saw Fairy

her horrified now,

observe the subtle changes in her expression on her pale and paper-like face. Calvin handed the cleansing oil to her,


were smart people. I was afraid that even she herself

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police." Brooke

I said the bottle leaked! It

"Are we going to send

lying on the ground for ten minutes, but the floor was not cold either. Maldives had a tropical

Dixon was completely panicked, she begged Brooke with a crying tone, "Brooke, I really don't mean it. Maybe, maybe I took the cleansing oil to the bathroom to wash my face, and then I

an indefensible lie. Why did she wash her face late at night? Besides, there was a

Brooke didn't really intend to send her to

all depended

leisurely with a ruddy face, not as if my life was


your wife, you decide what to

the hospital first, and then call the police." Calvin bent over to pick me up, but was blocked by Brooke, "You

Dixon cried suddenly, "Calvin, how can you treat me like this? It has nothing to

room. Fairy Dixon followed him in a

and looked at me, "How long are you


steak and lobster soup were almost cold, and I

the tray and ran into the room

and turned on the TV to enjoy myself, Brooke stood in front

a satisfying TV show and was ready to

"Go away."

sprinkled cleansing oil, but you were not injured."

I am smart, I didn't get hurt. You can see the facts, it means

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