No One But You

Chapter70 Come Across Daniel Dixon

Calvin gazed at me, smiling coldly, "Last night your bosom friend slept with you on the same bed. Do you mean you three did the exercise together?"

How did he know Zofia shared the same bed with me last night?

Whether he believed or not, I didn’t care. What mattered was my happiness.

I went to the room for the bag and pulled Zofia to go shopping.

I was born skeptical, so I was afraid I could not withdraw cash from the cheque given by Master Knight .

After arriving at the bank, I handed the cheque to the counter. The staff withdrew cash for me without saying anything. I gave him my bank card, asking him to transfer all the money into it.

It was old-fashioned to take cash at present. Who would use cash?

However, it was true that I was villainous. Master Knight really gave me 888,888.

After withdrawing cash, I sat in front of the counter, filling the money orders one after another.

Zofia sat beside me and asked, "Are you still giving financial support to the kids in the mountain?"

"They are still attending school. How can I stop it?"

"Some time ago when you were decorating Daniel’s house, you were so poor that you nearly ate the bark, weren’t you? How did you have spare money to support them?"

"It’s a different kettle of fish. I put aside the money for financial support." I quickly finished filling the 8 orders.

I transferred 800 to each kid. When I started my work, I began to give financial support to the kids in the mountain, from the initial two to three and four. Later, the classmates of the kids I supported knew my support. They wrote or called me for help. After conducting an investigation to make sure their families really had difficulties affording them for education, I supported them as well. So at present I supported 8 kids in all.

"6400 in all. Did you transfer such a big sum to them every month?"

"No, not every month. How could schooling in the mountain area cost 800 monthly? A kid aged 10 to 16 is regarded as labor force in the village. Actually the money is more like a reminding to their parents. They’d better use the money for their kids’ education and buy them some school things. If they don’t do so, I will terminate the support at any time."

"Josephine, you’re so great in some aspects." Zofia said sincerely.

"Eat back ‘in some aspects’. I’m great in all aspects, okay?" I held my head high purposely, "Do I look like a woman with big boobs?"

I felt specifically proud when I was looking into

went shopping with Zofia

stop was

assistant in that shop saw me, she was

crazy about buying. Since Zofia had never owned famous brand, I needed to buy her some pieces to show off when

a fancy on an overcoat and it was natural for her to check out the price. When she saw the price, she was shocked, "OMG, an overcoat cost 60,000. Is it because wearing it can make

I took off the overcoat from the coat hanger, shoving it into her arms, "If you like it, try it

She shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle, "you earned money by

"Which one?"

course this one." She pointed at one

off. When

kid, will you nurse it? Is the kid

She was right.

that shop by Zofia . Then from other counters, I bought her clothes which

was still very delighted, saying she could hardly

really worth my love and affection. She had a correct world outlook and her

also bought many health care products like abalone and shark’s fins, asking her to bring them to my parents. She looked at them

them I

believe such

I’ve bought them. Don’t waste my

shopping, we ate the steak that

different kinds of steak so we could exchange.

was so delicious that it melted in the

shoulder with hers, "Look in the direction

o’clock. Daniel was

spent my money eating steak with another

didn’t care. Actually what I cared was

the fork, standing up.

he noticed me, I slapped

in his mouth dropped onto the plate. Then he looked up at me like

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